Saturday, May 31, 2014

About the blog- changesandcloselyspacedupdates.

So in January 2013 I wrote a post outlining what I wanted from my blog over the year. Things I wanted to accomplish, things I wanted to work on, and I said that I would do another post a year later (which sets us to roughly halfway through 2014, if I'm correct...) and update. See how I went and all that. So... first here is the original post in all it's glory.

  • Do More Personal Reviews, reviews of books that are my own or from the library.
I definitely think I'm going well with this, though I'll say now that we're just going to ignore the number of each that I noted at the bottom of the original post, because that was always just a joke. Completely.
I've been reading a better mix of my own books and review books, and I'm really enjoying the fact that I've found a good way (somehow) to get through both books I'm sent and books I own or get from the library.

  • Comment more!
I have DEFINITELY been doing this. I don't think I commented very much at all before, but now I'm very regular about, and commenting more has been a fantastic way of finding new, incredible blogs and meeting more amazing people!

  • Host More Giveaways.
Hmm... this hasn't gone too well, as it goes. At all. Still, I'm planning on celebrating my blogversary this year (a thing I'm not all that reliable about) and I have at least two giveaways planned, if they work out. It's exciting and I hope it all becomes truity.

  • Work on a rating system!
I've settled down with one that works so, so well for me (see sidebar) and am just incredibly happy with how it worked out. Inspired by The Book Smugglers, the 1-10 system is the only rating system I've been able to actively and consistently keep up, and I'm very proud of that.

  • And Do more Personal Posts!
Yes! Though I've only started with that this year, I've written a few and I feel really good about it. There haven't been 20 yet, but I've found a lot of joy and emotion when I've written the ones I've already done, (see the first here and the 2nd will be published on the 28/6) and it's been really wonderful, doing those.

Overall, I feel like I went well in a different way to how I thought I would. I am really pleased with how things are going and look forward to seeing how I feel about it by next year, which is just to far away to think about in number terms.

I don't think I'll set myself more goals right now, though perhaps at a later date that will become so.



  1. It's so, so wonderful that you have goals for your blog, Romi. And it's so cool that you have adopted and are working on each and every one of them. My blogoversary is coming up as well, and I'm hoping to implement new things in the blog for the following year. How fast does a year fly by hey! Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you come up with on your blog xx

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment, Joy! I can't tell you how very happy it made me, and I really, really appreciate it.xx

  2. Yeah for goals!! Personally .. I am not big on giveaways on my blog. I just think why buy followers. I have only had maybe two or three on my blog ever. Those were sponsored too. I haven't had a discussion post in a while and need to think of something. Usually those come to me in the middle of the night! LOL!

    1. And goals often include one of my favourite things: lists! Oh, how I love lists.

      I can see that aspect of it, definitely, but then there's also the fact that I really want to be able to share my favourite books, give people the chance to read them and have a copy of their own. That makes me really happy!

  3. Look at you having goals and STUFF. Having goals is always half the battle so you're already halfway there which is usually how far I get. But well done on actually completing or working towards completing some of them too, you're a step ahead of me!

    1. Thank you, Lauren, that's very kind and encouraging of you! It's excellent that I'm enjoying the progress so much, too, because I really... am. My blog, it's been with me through a lot of stuff, and it feels like an actual part of me. Arm, leg, blog, heart, lungs. That kind of thing.

  4. I LOVE your rating system! And I think you're doing REALLY well with your goals :) I changed the way I review, too. I still do "real" reviews now and then, but I post more discussion reviews/ramblings these days. And I think I do okay on the commenting front. I wish I have a bit more time, but I try to comment on my favorite blogs (like yours) regularly.

    I'll be looking forward to your next "personal" post :)

    1. It makes me very happy to hear you enjoy the rating system I've been using! I find it works so well and easily for me, which is fantastic. And thank you so much- that's such a compliment, Cayce! I appreciate your words so much.

      I myself really enjoy the way you review- I think it's unique to you and it just seems like "Cayce" to me. If, however, you ever changed the style, I think it would become you, if you liked it.

      And thank you again! You really left such a wonderful comment- it made me very happy. xx

  5. Those goals are really good Romi! Commenting more is definitely something I know you can achieve!<3 OO I am excited to see more personal posts! I enjoy them because I get to now you better in a different way instead of your lovely comments you drop by like little sweets on my front door. Ooo I am so excited when to hear that it is your blogoversary! So I can drop by and say congrats for such good jobs and being awesome and being an awesome friend and making my experience on here so enjoyable, especially when I was *THIS* close to thinking of shutting down my blog but I kept it thorough.

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Delaney!
      I'm really happy to hear you like my personal posts, it's really different writing them and I feel really happy doing it, and emotional, too, because I'm opening a bigger part of myself and exposing the inner workings of Romi.
      You're so lovely, Delaney! I'm so happy that I was able to give you so much enjoyment from blogging, and made you keep going! It's been fantastic getting to know you over this last year. xx


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