Monday, June 23, 2014

The Oopsatoreum by Shaun Tan, Powerhouse Museum...

Title- The Oopsatoreum.
Author- Shaun Tan, Powerhouse Museum.
Publish date- 2012.
Publisher- Powerhouse Publishing.

(A brief) Synopsis:
Henry A. Mintox was a inventor who went to the greatest lengths to protect his work, work that was incredible and peculiar and never quite managed to see the light.

What I thought:
I got this out from my local library and really had no idea what it was about, only that it was by Shaun Tan, an author I have long admired, and looked mightily interesting. Basically, that was it.
On opening and reading about the (sadly, though perhaps it's all a ploy) fictional Henry A. Mintox, an inventor who so often came close to creating works of genius that we use in our every day lives now but instead found himself confronted by a public who didn't quite understand the use of his inventions.

Giving an insight to the creations, depicting their original imaginings on postcards that ended up nowhere since none were addressed (according to Henry Mintox this was an intentional precaution), and the creator in turn, this is a beautifully creative book and I can only imagine just how extraordinary the exhibition at the Powerhouse itself would have been.

Rating: Big Explosion MIND BLOWN.
With the uniqueness typical of Shaun Tan's work, though touched with a very realistically different side, this is an invention that I'm sure it not too early or complex for it's time.


  1. I love love unique books. I can't remember if I've asked you if you've read The Arrival by Shaun Tan??? That book is amazing too. I am going to see if my library has this one.

    1. Oh yes, that's one of my favourites! I adore Tales from Outer Suburbia most, though- just love that one so much, and all the different stories. His work really stretches my imagination. x


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