Monday, June 2, 2014

Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: 1, 2, 3. An Overview.

Author- Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Wirrow.
Publish date-2011, 2012, 2013.
Publisher- It Books.

There is always such incredible, unpredictable and all round wonderous diversity in the Tiny Books of Tiny Stories, a collection of three (and one more, released early on and, I think, rare) books that I have collected over around 2 years; each is unique in it's own way and I love them, both for the promises I feel inside the pages and the inspiration and perplexion I feel as I read, once I've finished. Being full  of work by hundreds of different artists, creators, it's rather difficult to "review" in my traditional sense, so I decided instead to do a kind of overview.

The First Tiny Book-
This was the one I read second, bought second and like on a tied second bases, though perhaps it's a little higher up in the tie. An unequel, equal tie. It holds many stories and art, all strangely individual yet linked, and possibly my favourite piece from all the books, but it also contains a few pieces that don't really do anything much for me. It has my favourite cover, though it vies with that of book number 3.
I like it: A lot, A Whole Lot, more than even that.

The Second Tiny, But Bigger, Book:
This one I have, since the start, thought of as my favourite. It has unshakably lodged itself as such in my mind and I've no power over that sort of thing (galavanting books, you know) so I let it be.
In this one I feel a lot more bought to life than I do by either of the other two, and there are just so many stories that make me whirl and feel hopeful, tragic and like everything is just beginning. It's got a few I don't like so much, probably don't like on a higher level than the first. Also a few I don't like on the surface but end up being too intrigued in to dislike. There also seemed to be a lot more detail in the stories in this one, and I liked the inner cover most out of all three.
This one is really special.
I like it: A lot, A Whole Lot, more than even that.

The Last Tiny, But Also Large, Book:
There were a larger amount of stories that left me... not uneasy or uncomfortable, with a lighter feeling in the same vein, in this edition, and whilst that's certainly unfortunate and makes me like it less, I still do treasure this book- it also had the most amusing, actually heart warming stories, and two or three that were outstanding, just so beautiful and inspiring and full of amazement and wonder and thought.
I like it: A lot, ---->        <------A Whole Lot, more than even that.

There are levels to each of these books and I have no doubts that as I age and grow- physically and mntally, you know- I will enjoy different stories, seek out these books for different things. For now, they're just great. Treasures that I treasure.

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