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Death Comes to Pemberley by P. D. James...

Title- Death Comes to Pemberley. (Audio-book review)
Author- P. D. James.
Publish date- 2011.
Publisher- Alfred A. Knopf.

Review time...

(A brief) Synopsis:
The pace of life, well known from Pride and Prejudice, has slowed down after six years, and yet when Lydia Bennet turns up at Pemberley where her sister, Elizabeth, lives, screaming about how someone is dead, the pace seems to coming back up again.

What I thought:
Death Comes to Pemberley was a book I heard of a while after The Lizzie Bennet Diaries had finished. It was another adaptation, though more an elongation in this case, and I was very eager to explore the thrilling possibilities it offered- I mean to say, a death at Pemberley! How exciting! As long as it wasn't Darcy who died I was all for it.
It wasn't just the post LBD euphoric sadness that drew me to this, either, because I was truly exciyed by the prospect of Death Comes to Pemberley in it's own right.

Unfortunately, after the very promising author's note, my hopes were all let down. The plot dragged. The characters were tiresome, and after the initial excitement bought about by the death it became a dogged repeating of facts I had already heard at least twice from Darcy, Fitzwiliam and a doctor/judge whose name I forget. So many times did they repeat the same things I could hardly forget a single detail of the night in question (though it became so that I'd have hardly noticed if one started putting forth false-truths), which may have been find had not these assertations been affirmed and reaffirmed in almost identical words.

The characters, too, were a let down- Darcy and Elizabeth seemed to faintly shimmer, having lost so much of their former glory, and the relationship I had so happily anticipated the exploration of- Darcy and Lizzie living together as a married couple!- was something of which there were only momentary glances, and those just became less interesting as my weariness with the book rose.

The resolution, by the time it came around 8 discs later, was a little too late.

Rating: Oh Nooo/This is the worst possible time for an explosion.
A disappointment of large preportions. I was made hopeful by the trailer for the tv adaption, but don't feel as if the hours spent listening to this were worthwhile and am skeptical about re-entering the story. One reliable thing was just how annoying Lydia was. Some things never change.


  1. Aw, it's too bad the book was a disappointment! I watched the adaptation recently and enjoyed it (though it didn't really make me want to seek out the book.) I think this might have been one of the very few instances when it would be better to watch the show than read the book!

    1. That sounds promising, since I am interested to see the adaption sometime soon, and it also boasts having some actors I really like in it. Hopefully it ends up working a lot better for me than the book did, in any case!

  2. Haha, I haven't read this but did try to watch the tv adaptation and that was pretty awful as well...

    1. Oh no! I was hoping it would be a lot better, though since I can't find it at my library and I don't think my video store has it, maybe I'll forget about it for a while and look again a bit later.


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