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Howls Moving Castle Graphic Novels: An Overview.

Title- Howls Moving Castle Graphic Novels (1-4)
Author- Diana Wynne Jones, Hayao Miyzaki.
Publish date- 2005.
Publisher- Studio Ghibli Library.


Overview time...

When I read the Howls Moving Castle graphic novels this time, specifically to review, it was my third read of them and also the first time I'd read all four consecutively and not over a week or two, when the library got them in, and it honestly made for a very different reading experience, going directly from one to the next with little time between- I felt so focused on the story and, while on other occasions I have been more apt to linger and examine everything at a slower pace, I still picked up on so many thins, and that is almost certainly my favourite thing about these graphic novels.

Taken directly from the fi;m in a frame by frame style, these gloriously full colour images give you so much more time to take in everything that you don't notice when watching the fi;m, not to mention they give you a unique reading experience of their own- as I read, I found my favourite pieces from the soundtrack slotting themselves in and playing out alongside their allocated scene, and apparently I've watched the film enough times to notice the slight difference in what could be the original script narrated here and the sections where the actors/other people working on the dub have changed a line- one of my favourite lines from Cal, something to do with burning bacon, wasn't there!

Another thing I truly loved was how you could follow Sophie's ageing, and there were a few moments when she became momentarily younger that I hadn't noticed in the film.

Out of the novels, the third would have to be my favourite, as it includes the iconic "moving" scene and the delight that follows it, but truly these all are exquisite and I would recommend them very, very highly.

Rating-  Big Explosion MIND BLOWN!
No seen the film or read the book?
Not sure who Cal is, why Sophie has ageing issues, what the delights are when it comes to the "iconic moving scene"? Haven't...
Haven't met Howl, possibly my favourite male character in all of fiction and film?
Well, if I'm not too bold, you should. Ought. Really, it's fantastic.


  1. Loooove this movie so much, but I didn't even know there were graphic novels! This is exciting because they sound seriously amazing!! I love how intricate and beautiful you make them out to be - Now I really want to take a look at them sometime because it sounds like I'm in for a treat.


      The movie was actually inspired by the series of novels (there are three but Howl and Sophie are the main focus of only the first) by Diana Wynne Jones, which I would HIGHLY recommend. They're very brilliant indeed. And then there's graphic novels, too!

      I hope you read them one day and love them, too! xx

  2. I had NO idea there were graphic novels for this series as well. I feel so behind because I never watched the movie as a child and while my library had the books and I was even tempted to check them out, I never did! It says a lot about the books if you've re-read them so many times, though and I really hope I'll be able to fit this series in soon and fall in love the way you did! :)

    Lovely review, Romi!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely, lovely comment, Rashika! I certainly hope you enjoy these nearly as much as I did, though I'd recommend watching the movie first... I think. I'm not really sure, because I simply love both and watching/reading are quite different experiences, and then reading the original novels! All so different, all very good. xx

  3. Ohhh, Howl's Moving Castle!! I loved the anime as well as the book, but now I want to get the graphic novels too :)

    1. I recommend you do, Cayce! They're all very different from the other, the book, the movie, these novels. I love that about this story- each retelling or version is so different, it just becomes it's own new tale, though you still get to have your favourite characters back each time!


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