Monday, August 4, 2014

Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. R. Tolkein.

Title- Letters from Father Christmas.
Author- J. R. R. Tolkein.
Publish date- 1976.
Publisher- Harper Collins.


Review time...

(A brief) synopsis:
Beautiful, exquisite letters from father christmas sent to the children of J. R. R. Tolkein every christmas, detailing the mystery and magic, the hilarity and strange happenings in the north pole.

What I thought:
This is going to be a very, very short review, because half of me says "tell people about it, get them to read it!" and half says "keep the magic as secret as possible, so when they read it they'll be as enchanted as you were" and it's a very difficult book to "review" as such, so in the tradition of how to review a difficult (for whatever reason) book, it's going to be the time for lists!

*This book is incredible.
-illustrated mind-bogglingly
-detailed to a level of awe
-thought provoking, perspective altering, genius
-wildly different to what you might know
-it's just, it's wonderful and delightful and so, so amazing.


  1. Well it does seem good with all the qualities you listed. :P Never heard of this one. Will check it out RIGHT NOW!

    1. It is SO good, and I hope you absolutely love it, Lola! It's just beautiful and so wonderful for the imagination!

  2. Wow, I never knew Tolkien had written this! It does sounds magical, I'm adding it straight to the TBR list :D

    1. I'm very happy to hear that, Joy, and I hope you love it just as much as I did! I'm glad I was able to bring your attention to it! x

  3. Ha, I appreciate your concern that you don't want to spoil us! Honestly, I have never even heard of this Tolkien book before... I'll definitely have to pick it up around Christmastime!

    1. I really hope you do, Aylee, and I hope you love it, too! I'd love to read it again before christmas and just get a bit more inspiration and love, which it definitely gave me first time around! It's such a beautiful book.

  4. Oh wow, I've never heard of this before but it sounds absolutely delightful, thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. Great review, sometimes you don't need that many words to sell a book.

    1. I'm glad I could bring it to your knowledge, Rochelle! I think this would be such a great book to read with family. It's so wonderous.

  5. I like stuff about Christmas. Is it written at all like his normal stuff? Cos I don't like his normal stuff.

    1. I've only read The Hobbit, so far, and it kind of had the whimsical, fantasy element, but was much more easily readable than that, and I'd recommend it a lot more quickly. It's really quick, too, so you could get it from your local library, if they have it, and flick through to see what you make of it?


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