Friday, August 22, 2014

Whatever Happened to Margo? by Margaret Durrell...

Title- Whatever Happened to Margo?
Author- Margaret Durrell.
Publish date- 1996.
Publisher- Trafalgar Square Publishing.

Review time...

(A brief) Synopsis:
A quiet life. Respectable. Steady income. These are things Margaret Durrell thought when she decided to set up a boarding house. She was setting herself up for the adventure (and often mis-adventure) of a lifetime.

What I thought:
Since I first read it in... a long time ago, My Family and Other Animals has been my favourite book of all time. The top! Unbeaten it stays there and has for around 5 years. Reading about such a beloved character in those books, setting off on her own adventures with her own family, it was like I'd found a whole continuation to MFaOA that I never knew existed. I felt as if I was reliving something, and it just happened to be entirely new.
The feel of this book, the hilarity and mishaps so akin to those of the family I met all those years ago, it was so like that of my favourite, just told from a different speaker, that it stands firmly as one of my other all time favourite books now.

Perhaps my favourite instances were the appearances of Gerald, amusing in their own right but also a treat, seeing him from the perspective of his older sister, and of Leslie and Mother, though the boarders that Margaret takes on are just as captivating, each as unique and talented at capturing my attention as the next.
Margaret herself I felt for, though often amusedly, because for all the pitfalls she meets she does set out with the best of intentions and is sure to persist with assured strength of character.
I think... I think I've found a new bookish best friend.

Rating: Big Explosion MIND BLOWN-
See above, because really I can't sum it up much better than that last line.


  1. WHAT. How did I not know this book exists? Thankyouthankyouthankyou for this post.

    1. How did I take so long to actually get it out and read it?! Five years. Still, it's absolutely amazing. Hope you LOVE it, Lydia! xx


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