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Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson...

Title- Scarlett Fever (Scarlett #2)
Author- Maureen Johnson
Publish date- July 2014
Publisher- Hot Key Books
RRP- $16.95

*Certainly contains spoilers for Scarlett book #1*

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
Scarlett is back in action: working for Mrs. Amberson in different ways each day, many which she could never have anticipated, back at school with a most horrifying lab partner who seems set to try and make her crack, following the dramas and hopes and dreams of her family, and trying to work out her own life alongside all manner of hilarious antics.
Image Credit: Hot Key Books.
Thank you to Hot Key Books for this review copy!

What I thought:
Despite the fact that reviews seemed to intimate that this was a phenomenal follow up and better than Suite Scarlett, when I first started reading, well into the first fifty pages and perhaps further, I feared that this would not prove to be so for me.
I had enjoyed Suite Scarlett less than I had been irritated by it, and with no hotel mystery for our savvy heroine to solve in sight, and with said heroine mooning over the failed relationship that had been my main source of irritation from book #1, it didn't look like things were going so well.

At this point in the review, I will press pause on the image before us and give a documentary stye narrative.
I really don't know much about this series, it seems: from my entire plot misconception to the fact I thought in the next, and possibly last, book Scarlett somehow changes her hair style and colour and is the heroine of a book that has no "Scarlett" in the title. The book I am speaking about is The Key to the Golden Firebird, and seeing it on the back cover of both the first and second book made me think that surely it was the next in line.
It's not.
When I learnt this, stumbling upon the last page of Scarlett Fever and looking with bemusement for the next page, impressed and, again, bemused by the choice of ending- next move is to go onto goodreads to mark the next book as to-read-
No next book on goodreads.
Search book I believe is supposed to be next.
It's either standalone or in a different series, but it does. Not. Follow. On. And this made me concerned.
Because I'd grown to love the book, and while it's all good and merry to give such a end of chapter like ending when the next book is already out, that is not so when there doesn't seem to be even a set release date for it!

Press play. Image continues.
So, I had come to enjoy Scarlett Fever. Scarlett, whilst still occasionally frustrating in her mooning over such a dreadful romance, became a truly remarkable character. There was sibling bonding of a really different kind and I loved seeing such a vastly new side to Lola, found Marlene (who Scarlett blankly cannot understand and doesn't *really* like) to be pretty wonderful, and Spencer too played his role impeccibly.
True the parents rarely feature for more than a page or two, but the siblings are so wonderful you could darn near ignore it.
I enjoyed this and all the other amusing aspects to the story- marked a quote and laughed in some of the many amusing scenes, but it wasn't quite "it" yet. Then came the twist.
The twist sent me scurrying and page flipping and everything,  everything was out of control.
It was fantastic.

Rating: Excellent!
It was a step up. A fantastic, giant step up. Annoying mooning and romance was broached and gave me chances to glare at the book, but with all the other characters, practically, being on my side about it it was a bit of a triumph, though Scarlett doesn't really listen, as such.
Hilarious. Moresome. Excellent.

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