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Toby and the Secrets of the Tree by Timothée de Fombelle...

Title- Toby and the Secrets of the Tree. (Tobie Lolness #2)
Author- Timothée de Fombelle.
Publish date- 2009.
Publisher- Walker Books.

*May Contain Spoilers for the first book in the series*

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
The stakes are impossibly high as Toby must leave the Grass people he has come to love and return to the tree to face his past and all the horror that he had tried to forget along with it.

What I thought:
Would it be hard to find a sequel any kind of a match for a book with green text that I loved so dearly once a upon a not so very long time, actually, ago?

How could any book compare to a book with so much originality and green text (it's obvious what left an impression on me, isn't it?) when this book most certainly did not have green text and was a follow on of the originality and imagination I had so loved?

And whilst this didn't feel the same, was without some of the oh-my-what-is-this energy that can only come from the entirely fresh, it was still wonderful.
I wasn't gasping when I turned the final page, as I was with book 1, but I was happy and, though it doesn't sound so monumental as it may have once (content is perhaps a word that's lost some of it's strength with use), I was content.

There has always been a level of sudden violence to these books that has surprised me, especially as the covers don't imply anything of the sort, and in a way it felt like, with the higher stakes, the deaths and ways of them- the hurt inflicted- felt somewhat steeper, too, the violence inventive in a way I've not seen in any other books before. Everything, really, is written and felt in a truly singular way, and I think that is really, really an astonishing thing.

I foresaw quite a lot of the twists that were to come to a head quite early on, but that didn't actually effect how the story went, because these books are just so unpredictable in every way that knowing one or two things really could be seen as an advantage.

Rating: A few smidgons highter than Ooh, very good.
It wasn't quite a match for the first book, and it didn't really turn out how I had expected/anticipated/maybe even hoped, in some ways, but it is a really wonderful sequel.


  1. Taking a look at your review system, a book that rates above 'ooh, very good' sounds like it's pretty high up there! I love the fact that the first book was written in green text, and agree that the colour really can resonate with the reader and imbed itself in your mind. I read Anna Dressed in Blood and didn't particularly like it, but loved the fact that it was written in red text. Basically the only thing I remember of the book.

    This sounds like a pretty good sequel, at least it didn't completely bomb! Wonderful review Romi xx

    1. I have such fun with my rating system!
      I don't remember that about Anna, though I didn't read the full thing, just tried a couple of pages and didn't think it was for me, but it's such a neat thing, and if it's appropriate for the book, like it was for the first in this series, it's so effective. The colour for this was dark purple, kind of mossy, which didn't fit so well, but was still nice. I love that they're hard to notice until you notice!

  2. It sounds like this book contained some pleasantly surprising elements that you ended up enjoying, I love unpredictable reads :) Great review Romi!

    1. Unpredictable reads, reads that surprise you, ones you pick up that you've never heard of or just like the cover or the blurb of, those are some of my favourite reads, and if they're good they're often fantastic, in my experience. xx


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