Monday, October 27, 2014

Books for when you're... (17)

Each fortnight, month, fifteenth full moon of the half equational motion of the earths full circuit I will showcase 1-2 books that I think would be fantastic reading if you're going through a  certian emotion/stage in your life.

Wanting a World to Dream in.
Inspired by Lesley's review of This is Shyness, and that book; sometimes a land of dreams is all you desire.

This is Shyness- Leanne Hall.
The obvious choice. You only have to take a gander at my or Lesley's review to see that there's a certain amount of dreaminess to it's every page, and I was totally lost in this strange, softly dazzling, hurdy gurdy novel. It's wonderfully strange and strangely wonderful.

The Three Loves of Persimmon- Cassandra Golds.
This post also doubles to make up the two main books on my to re-read list! A perfect reminder.
It's been many years since I read this, but it sits with pride on my bookshelf and I feel intense love for it each time my eye glances over it. It's such a beautiful story, soft and almost akin to a moving, startling, whimsical piece of poerty.

Stay tuned for some more bookish suggestions for the good times, and the bad.
So far I've covered-


  1. I haven't heard of either of these books! Strangely wonderful sounds fantastic though! I'll have to hunt down a copy of This is Shyness at some point :)
    The Three Loves of Persimmon has such an intriguing title...

    1. I hope you'll read it- them both, actually- because these are two fabulous books, Nara, and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on them both! I think you'll be really struck by the stories they tell.
      (Isn't it such an interesting title? I really, really love that story.)

  2. Haven't heard of these books before but I love the way you've described This is Shyness! It sounds really lovely and quirky. Three Loves of Persimmon sounds like another whimsical book, and in poetry nonetheless. Great picks Romi!

    1. Thank you! I hope you'll give it a try, Jeann! It is a really wonderful, transporting read, and I think you'd throughly enjoy it. The Three Loves of Persimmon is also fantastic- an all time favourite of mine- though it's actually not written as a poem. Just... the feel of it is soft and whimsical like that, I feel. Very enjoyable. xx


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