Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour...

Title- Everything Leads to You.
Author- Nina LaCour.
Publish date- May 2014.
Publisher- Dutton Juvenile.

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
A young woman finds love at the same time she finds mystery and work and life mixing themselves together, all sweet and intense and hard to define. (Yes for good through synopsis' Romi.)

What I thought:
I flew right into this, the story enveloping me in a way that doesn't often happen so quickly; it was really an encompassing tale, and I'm so glad that I read Lesley's beautiful, inspiring review, because it made me want to read this book I hadn't even heard of before as soon as physically possible.

It was written so vividly and I just loved the detail of Emi's job as a set designer. The detail of what it took her just to find one couch was incredible and I really felt her passion for her work and appreciated it so much. She loved it and dreams of making it her job, and she is incredibly talented at her work. The passion was just so strong and I felt it myself, passing through the pages of the story and into my own feelings.

The mystery element of the plot, however- the plot as a whole, really- capitvated me as I read but didn't leave me with much else, and I can't say I really liked it that much. Not all of it. Possibly not most. Similarly, Ava. She had her moments where I enjoyed her part of the story, certainly, but on the whole I always felt like there was something a little off, or false, about her.

I feel like this goes against the whole point of it, but I did love how Emi's love for women wasn't mentioned in the negative by anyone, not once- it was written so naturally and no one made fun of her, picked on her or anything, and I really just appreciated that. Wish there were more books where sexuality was just accepted, whatever way it goes, though almost always it seems to be the point where characters have to learn from by being bullied.

Rating: Between Hmm... and Ooh, very good.
I felt inspired, moved and impassioned by this beautiful story, and while there wasn't much in the plot itself that I really enjoyed, there was beauty in the characters and he love they felt, and that was enough.


  1. I love that the main character is a set designer - that's one job I wouldn't mind doing because it sounds like fun, and you get to be a part of making TV and films! I'm glad this was a great read for you overall, I've heard good things about this book but haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I hope to soon though!

    1. It was written about so wonderfully. I felt a desire to be a part of that world, too! My favourite thing, though, was just Emi's absolute passion. That was just so, so beautiful.

      I hope you enjoy it, too! xx

  2. I've read another book from Nina LaCour and she does a have a knack on writing characters. her characters seem so real! This seems to be a similar case with simple plots yet interesting characters. :) I don't think I'll pick up this book soon, but thank you for your honest, beautiful review, Romi! :)

    1. I haven't read her other (I think she's only got two books out at the moment, so her first?) novel, but I would be interested in seeing how I felt about it, because she does write beautifully! I just don't recall feeling all that interested in the synopsis.

      Thank you- what a lovely comment, Hilda! xx

  3. "Wish there were more books where sexuality was just accepted, whatever way it goes," Same. I haven't read many stories with lesbian characters, but really, really loved (the "atmosphere" of) this book :)

    1. Not at the forefront, as the protagonist or whatever. Often it seems like it's the side character, the friend or someone who is semi-important but not the main. (Many times they are the character who speak to me, though- they're often written in really wonderful ways, and I just wish they were the main!) x

  4. Fun Fact: During the brief period of time I studied Interior Design I contemplated doing set design. And NOT just so that I could be totes super famous at set designing and meet RPattz/Taylor Kitsch/Richard Armitage/David Tennant. Then I left TAFE. Fun times.

    Also, that's a very special description of the book. On account of it makes perfect sense and sums up the book wonderfully. Only probably not really.

    1. Ooh! It seems like it would be a really, really interesting line of work! You ought to read this and see what you make of it, I think, if it's still an area of work that interests you. It's written about so beautifully, and it got me noticing things in films and interested in the set design jobs people do. INTERESTING.

      Well, *raises hands* I try.


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