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Gentlemen Formerly Dressed by Sulari Gentill...

Title- Gentlemen Formerly Dressed. (Rowland Sinclair #5)
Author- Sulari Gentill.
Publish date- 2013.
Publisher- Pantera Press.

*Will almost certainly contain spoilers for the other four books in the series*

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
After their escape from Germany Rowland and his friends find themselves in England, where they wrongly assume they are safe. It turns out this country has a lot more to throw at them than any of the four could have ever imagined.

What I thought:
A part of me thinks that this was a disappointment, as a read, and that's only half true. I did dislike it more than I've disliked any of the other books in the series. I had more issues with the characters and the plot did feel pretty sluggish at times, but I also remember that it had some of the most historically interesting characters and places, for me, than the other books.
I really enjoyed Rowland's interactions with H.G. Wells, and with a sense of amusement Evelyn Waugh (that was sparky, I tell you), even the surprise appearance of a Prince (but which one I can't remember), which was quite peculiar and amusing, though my favourite thing was the intorduction of a stunning character called Countess, who was simply marvellous. He won my heart over in an instant, though I can't forsee him becoming a featured character due to the space of different countries.

There is somewhat a theme, a subtle one, where Rowland meets an important world figure in these books and here that just did not work for me, though it happens close to the end and I'm not willing to risk giving accidental spoilers by going into detail, but as much as I love Rowland, the implications of this meeting certainly felt like a stretch.

The plot was pretty sluggish for me, as I say, but it really picked up in the last... 75 pages or so, I'd say, when everything really came together- a few surprses and a few that'd already been guessed- and whilst one comment by the "villain" about why the circumstances were chosen simply felt strange and a little by someone in power, it was entirely thrilling and I was flipping the pages, hesitant and horrified and so captivated. That's what I want in a crime novel.

Rating: Mostly Hmm but also Poor at times.
I had some troubles with this, the biggest and most compared to any other books in the series, but it was by no means all fault and no joy or captivation. They just took more of a backseat this time.


  1. I'm sorry this one didn't work for you Romi. Hope you're well otherwise.



    1. Thanks for commenting, Sulari! I'm excited to see where Rowly leads his gang next, with the high hopes that the Countess is involved in one way or another! (:

      I hope you're doing well, too!


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