Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Book Gif Tag of tagginess and Updates of dates.

The incredibly lovely Ella tagged me in the Book Gif Tag, and while it has taken me time to make this response, I have! Finally! I actually do not use gifs on my blog, so I'm going to be doing it a different way, writing down my immediate reactionary thoughts in place of the moving images otherwise expected. I also don't plan to tag anyone, because I think whoever wants to do it, be it you or you or you, then you can do it! Seriously, DO IT IF YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO.

Now, the books.

Alice In Wonderland 
Excitement excitement excitement! I love this, though I read it when I was in the "before a teenager" time, and I'm skeptical about Lewis Carrol himself and the background of this story. It's strange and marvellous and twinkly. The perfect imagination booster. Like a vitamin.


Eee-blub. Kind of like a hyena noise. I haven't read this and don't plan to, because from my knowledge it has a dangerous relationship in it and makes it seem positive, and that I do not like.

Every Breath 

This is the book that is a modern Sherlock Holms, isn't it? I know that it is widely loved, but I know very little about it. It has a stock image on it's cover, though, with the girl from 13 Reasons Why and that always amuses me.

Grave Mercy 
I could have got a copy of this recently but decided to get it the next week and then went back to the store and it was gone. I must not let Ella find out.

Clockwork Angel 

I recall being very taken aback by the opening, which was gruesome and detailed in it's gore, but otherwise I'm not very interested in this book/series. It seems like a long series.

The Selection 

My impression of this series is that I thought there were three books and there are going to be five, I wanted to read it for about a year and subsequently decided that I did not, and characters switch their feelings a lot.


The book that made me decide to call my future dog Kasta! I love love love this, and the relationship between Kasta and Po, Po and Bitterblue, Blitterblue and Kasta, and the ending... all fantastic and thrilling and golly.

Skulduggery Pleasant 
I am super keen to read this, but have as of yet not ordered it (remembered to) from my library. It has a talking skeleton in it, and if anyone knows me (I've told no one this who hasn't watched it with me before) my favourite character in Super Ted is Skeleton. It follows I should love this.

The Distance Between Us.

I nearly take this off my tbr each time I do a goodreads clean! I always wonder why it's... oh nope. Different book. Whoops. Well, I have no story to tell about this one.

Poison Study

Lauren wants me to read it a lot, and I shall! I shall! Picture a pile of growing books and that will be my two month break.

I wasn't sure when I'd get to writing this, but apparently it's going to be NOW! As some of you may remember from last year, come the last day of November I posted a picture of a bunch of books I was planning to read during my two month break from the internet, encompassing December and January. I am incredibly excited (and have been since March) that I'll be doing it annually, since I just loved that time, which means that for two months there will be radio silence here. I won't be reading posts, commenting, posting. I'll be back in February, though!

I think my silence will come sooner than even December 1st, though, since with NaNo coming up in a week I will have little time for commenting and reading other posts, since my schedule is hectic as it is- I'm doing a childcare training course, looking after my niece for half every week, trying to get as much of my own writing done as possible. I recently entered my manuscript that I've been working on since 2011 to two competitions, though, which I'll hear back about at the end of Nov or the beginning of Dec about, which was intense editing and SO exciting for me. I feel so positive about my work and this is the best read-through/edit I've done yet. It's fallen into place, and next year (depending on how this all goes) I'll be starting to send it out to agents, which is terrifying and exciting and tremulous.
I do have posts scheduled for November, and will be filling the rest of it up with the rest, but after that I will be like a mysterious bubble floating about wishing you happy holidays and reading books and editing and working. It will be wonderful, but I will miss talking to you! Maybe we should start writing snail-mail to each other. *nods at the greatness of this idea*

You want to give me recommendations of books to read? GO FOR IT. I already have a lot, but there is always time for books.



  1. Wow I didn't know The Selection series is going to be 5 books now! That seems very unnecessary. And I feel like I need to read Alice in Wonderland again - it's such an iconic story and I feel like I will appreciate it more now that I'm older.

    Fantastic news about your book - good luck with all the writing and reading (taking 2 months to focus on yourself is a good idea!) So exciting that you are planning to submit your book to agents soon! I hope you will keep us all up to date!

    1. I think they're telling them from the perspective of America and her husband's daughter... possibly. I feel like I could certainly do an Alice re-read, too! We should both make plans for that.

      THANK YOU Charlene! I will be sure to keep the blog updated on what happens and agent news, which I am terrified but butterfly-excited about all at once. Two months of not thinking of it but thinking of it will surely be amazing. xx

  2. Just read your comment about your Dec-Jan blog break. So sad! I remember that last year too. I will miss you... I remember when you took the break last year I actually didn't think you would really come back. Sooooo good luck with everything!

    1. Oh, thank you Angela! That really means a lot to me, but I WILL be back! Definitely! I have plans and everything. I actually think I remember you saying you didn't think I would have come back- it was a really lovely break from the internet as a whole, but it gave me time to catch up and refocus myself, even though it wasn't until mid february-march that I started back at blogging. I tell you, two months away from emails and it's a four hour journey to get through the piles awaiting one.
      THANK YOU! xx


    And Secret Sexytimes Po Tattoos!

    Also: Listen to the Skulduggery Pleasant audiobooks, if you can. They are FABULOUS. And he speaks IRISH. And has such a deep gravelly SKELETON voice.

    1. Okay, I will try and get the first book on audio. I had been planning to read them, but if you recommend audio then I will try audio, Lauren, especially if it's an Irish accent. Sounds good.


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