Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Feature of Pictures (and Books!) No. 8

This edition of A Feature of Pictures is quite blazing with the two books featured- both are exquisite, both are unique, both are wonderful and memorable.

Title: Mix it Up!
Author: HervĂ© Tullet.
Publisher: Allen and Unwin.
Publish Date: October 22nd, 2014.
RRP: $19.99 (AUS)

This was quite fantastic. A very me kind of book, I was eager and joyed by it; following the steps my heart beat faster as I felt lifted- truly lifted- while my imagination took off and I shook, squashed and painted across the pages. For me, it was simply an incredible experience, and to any age I could easily recommend it (though the outline of the hand, that didn't fit mine and I was, truthfully, upset)- all the time I read I could not WAIT to show it to my niece on October 22nd. (And I am sure, from her expression as she followed my prompting, that she adored it quite as much as I did.)
Creatively, colourfully, joyously wonderful.

Image Credit: Allen and Unwin.
Thank you to Allen and Unwin for this review copy!

Image Credit: Penguin Australia.
Thank you to Penguin Books Australia for this review copy!

Title: The Wild One.
Author: Sonya Hartnett. Illustrated by: Lucia Masciullo.
Publisher: Penguin/Viking.
Publish Date: September 24th, 2014.
RRP: $24.99 (AUD)

This was a picture book that went beyond itself. It told a story on many levels, got me thinking, feeling, hoping and imagining, and I believe it's the first picture book for this year that I didn't have a preference over words or illustrations. Both were exquisite, perfect, beautiful matches for the other. I loved the fauna/flora sketches and latin names dotted throughout, placed among the other, bigger pictures, and that the pictures did truly tell a story as fully as the words. They could both work beautifully alone, but together they were an absolute masterpiece. I think this is the most wonderful picture book I've read this year, and I will treasure it for years to come.


  1. Have you read Meet Captain Cook? It's Spiffy. And there's a one armed cook.

    I get to do Christmas Storytime this year and it's brillo pads and I am doing my favourite book ever: Father Christmas on the Naughty Step.

    Also, since you don't have twitter you missed my photo but read Supertato by Sue Hendra. THERE ARE MISBEHAVING PEAS, ROMIPANTS. MISBEHAVING PEAS!

    Also also: USE YOUR IMAGINATION by Nicole O'Byrne. And Mo Willems That's Not a Good Idea and basically everything Sir Mo has ever done ever.

    1. Nope. I will look all of these books up because I have not heard of ANY of them (I was recommended Mo Willems recently, though!) and misbehaving peas sound pretty marvellous.

      Christmas storytime! How fun! (Do not do a Miranda. My one suggestion.)

    2. (I did rather think you were saying "ROMI USE YOUR IMAGINATION" and I was like "BUT I DO AND DO I REALLY WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THESE MISBEHAVING PEAS LAUREN???) But You were Simply Recommending Me a Book. HUH.


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