Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden...

Title- Annie on my Mind.
Author- Nancy Garden.
Publish date- 1982.
Publisher- Ariel Fiction.
RRP- ?


Discussive review time...

Annie on my mind was superb. I wonder if my review will be either long or particularly comprehensive, since I can't really write a review full of descriptive words with no description. What I can write, and hopefully in a way that conveys my feelings about the story told, that I can look back at and think I did a good job with, remember what it meant to me. Not quite the same as a regular review, but hopefully best suited to the book and my feelings about it.
Annie on my mind was one book that will stay with me. It was a book of feeling and truths I feel within myself, of the discovery of love and, towards the end, the prejudice others have towards things they may not understand or agree with personally. It was moving and heartfelt, a novel that resonated with me loudly as I read, that made me want to hold it close and read it again, keep the story within and beside me for a long time.
A lifetime.
It was beautiful, resplendent; joyous and heartfelt and awful, for the fear that Liza and Annie felt, the things they were subject to simply for being in love outside what was a society norm. I know that it is still a struggle today, that it isn't always simple for people just to love who and how they love, but I think it's easie than it was. It gets easier and harder and easier, and with books like this, with people who want and fight for themselves and others, it will get easier until being who you are isn't a fight or a struggle at all.
Annie on my mind is a part of that. As am I.

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