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Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones...

Title- Charmed Life (Chrestomanci #1)
Author- Diana Wynne Jones.
Publish date- 1997
Publisher- Harper Collins.
RRP- ?


Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
A romping fairytale of magic and very badly behaved guests at a castle, with a little dragon who is marvellous, a resplendent man always dressed very finly, a box of matches and a protagonist nicknamed Cat who is really called Eric.

What I thought:
There's something about Dianna Wynne Jones's writing that I just get. Each time. This is only the 4th book of hers I've read (the others have experienced numerous re-reads), but a feeling carries across the lot of them. A magic. I was delighted, because though I knew Howl and Sophie and Cal weren't a part of this story, I felt like they could show up, my old friends, at any moment and it would be perfectly natural. I felt like I was reading another of their stories, and even if they neglected to show it was still a completely wonderful experience, and one I hadn't realised was out there.

Cat is a really neat character (though I agreed with Chrestomanic on the fact he's a bit weak- I did wish he'd stand up to Gwendolen, who was levels more awful than I'd ever anticipated, but it worked so well for the conclusion, his weakness); he may have lacked backbone or common sense, but I still really loved Cat, and Chrestomanci castle was the perfect setting for the story. Magical, with places to explore, creatures to meet, like the little dragon that was almost the equivalent of Cal from HMC. And Chrestomanci- well, he was simply splendid. Very resplendent and similar to Howl, which I adored, learning how he worked was really interesting and enjoyable.

In conclusion-

Rating: Excellent fireworks.
I can't wait for the next book! And I believe there are a total of 8! *Cries of joy*


  1. I like Howl's Moving Castle. My favourite was the little fire thingie. But I feel like I totally missed what that story was actually about or possibly forgot. Like that whole thing about Sophie being an old person....I TOTALLY MISSED THAT AND I'M NOT SURE HOW.

    Sorry about all the caps lock. It's early.

    I also read one of the Chrestomancy books and there was something about children being locked up in metal cages? But maybe I TOTALLY misread that too. Maybe I should read them again. Or get the audio of Howl's Moving Castle. That said, not many people I've seen have either bought or borrowed her books in my years of book careerness so I also like that you are reading them simply because it's nice when someone reads stuff.

    Again with the sheer pointlessness of these comments. Sorrynotsorry.

    1. Gosh, looking back this is a short review for me. Very short. Wow.

      I didn't know you liked that, or if I did I forgot, but either way: WOW! Excitment! YES! Cal is such a wonderful little fire demon. If I didn't love Howl, then Sophie so much, he would totally be my favourite. Watch the movie again, okay? And read the book, too, because they are both excellent.

      Caps lock is totally okay.

      Yes, I think you should. We can both read them over the summer and exchange letters about how great they are, and it will be glorious times. "Dear Romi, isn't Chrestomanci wonderful?" "Dear Lauren, YES and he has such nice taste in clothing!" Can't you tell how glorious it would be?

      NOT POINTLESS! I am enjoying them A LOT. x


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