Saturday, November 8, 2014

NaNo1420, Volume 1.

Each year I (believe) have done a few posts about my NaNo novel. Perhaps I did not do this last year. I did it once, though, and I shall be doing it again.
Today it is officially the end of the first week of NaNoWrimo for 2014, and I think I've had a pretty splendid week of writing, with all (some of) the ups and downs you expect when you go into EXTREME WRITING MODE.
I haven't written any *new*  novels this year, having focused on transcriping, intense editing and less intense editing, which is a big change from this time last year where NaNo would have bought my third novel for the year into existence, and I've been looking forward to this time for quite a few months.

*My Novel*
You can see my NaNo personal info/novel info HERE (check out that dandy description on my profile!).
For the second year in a row I am writing what is possibly a standalone and possibly not, so really scratch the whole beginning of this sentence and you're there. It is fantasy. It could be the second book in a series in which the world is the same but the characters are not. I'm not sure. It is also YA. I am having a good time with it, and have so far written 15,662 words, which means I'll hit 50,000 on around the 23d of November.

*The goods!*
Or, rather, the ups.
I have been writing every day and it feels marvellous! My days feel longer! I'm not making 20 individual collage prints for P4A this year and I have so much spare time!

*The bads*
I got a very bad neck/shoulder/spine strain on the 5th, which meant I wrote only 6 of my allocated 10 pages, and it was dreadul painful. BUT I'm BETTER NOW! (I hope)

And that is NaNo week 1. I injured myself. I wrote. I reminisced. I did it all.


  1. Yaaay go you!! You're like officially 1/4 in! WONDERFUL. ^-^ But not so good straining your neck/shoulder/spine. Wah. I hate that. I think I strayed my entire brain though. *melts into a puddle* NaNo is totally awesome, though. Especially disappearing into extreme writer mode where you just write and write and sometimes come up for air and meals (sleep? pfft. Who needs it).
    Keep up the good work!!

    1. You've been doing such a good job, Cait! 50,000 already! GO YOU! xx

      Thank you! Isn't it fantastic? I hope to see you again next year for more extreme writer mode. It's so nice to see bloggers getting together and celebrating it, even if they're not taking part.

  2. I don't know how you manage to be dedicated, but well done on the being dedicated and achieving things and stuff. Meanwhile, I have very rarely completed a goal. Maybe one day I'll get there :D

    Good luck with all the other weeks.

    1. Oh Lauren you do flatter me so! Thank you! x

      You complete the goal of it nearly being your birthday, am I correct? Tick that goal!



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