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The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Chris Riddell...

Title- The Sleeper and the Spindle.
Author- Neil Gaiman.
Illustrator: Chris Riddell.
Publish date- November, 2014.
Publisher- Bloomsbury.
RRP- $19.99 (HB, AUD)


Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
A retelling, reimagining, rewriting and picturing of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, the two stories intertangling and forming something very new.

Image Credit: Bloomsbury Australia.
Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia for this review copy!

What I thought:
I have awarded this astonishingly, unfathomably beautiful book the "Most Beautiful Book" for 2014, and I feel that it is likely to crash into the awards for the next decade or two and steal all those awards, too, because goodness. This was just... head shakingly good. I have in this book one of my favourite authors and my favourite illustrator, and I'm proved for the third time, though none so powerfully as this, that they are a team of wonder.
I don't think either could reach the level of wonderment in this book that they did together, for though I am in pure delight from this retold fairytale, weaving the afterwards of Snow White and the end of Sleeping Beauty together in a way that is truly Neil Gaiman's own, though the incredibly detail and intricacy, the exquisite use of only black, white and gold in every illustration captivated all of my senses, never more so than when the two were paired. It became, quite simply, a masterpiece, with the exquisite work of two such fine artists put together to make what I believe is not only the most beautiful book of the year, but my favourite fairytale retelling, fit for early YA all the way through to adults and beyond.

Snow White and Sleeping Beauty is a fairytale mix that coule pose an interesting reaction from me, since the second is my favourite (apart from the kiss) and the first my least, but they came together seamlessly, originally, spectacularly. Snow is a true heroine here, in a way I never expected to see her (apart from in Lumikki), but she is forthright and wise, full of courage and strength and bravery, and she is real. She is so, so real.

Rating: Big explosion MIND BLOWN.
The most exquisite book I've held in a long time. I could dedicate a whole bookshelf just to the magic that is contained within it's pages, not to mention how exquisite the exterior is.


  1. I reeeally want to read this. I have such respect for Neil Gaiman and I LOVE the books of his I've read so far. (I love his quotes and opinions and him on twitter too. xD) I did hope to get a review-copy of this but I missed out, hehe. So Christmas wishlist it is! I love fairy tale retellings soo so much.

    1. Look forward to reading it with all your might, Cait, because this is just one of the most divine books I have ever seen, and I am absolutely sure you'll adore it! I hope you get a copy for christmas! xx (Neil Gaiman is, indeed, amazing. Totally agree with that.)

  2. Ah this book is just gorgeous! I would want it just for that, but with it being a fairy tale retelling, I know I will love it. I'm glad you've given it top marks though, so I won't feel so bad buying it from the UK! :)

    1. YAY! *Wildly I pump my fists!* I am so glad you're buying a copy (or planning to), because I can not recommend this more, Charlene, and I am totally convinced you'll adore it as much as I did. PLEASE let me know your thoughts on it! xx

  3. Ahhh I saw this in the shops the other day and wanted to pet it so badly...wait what? :P I had a flip through it and agree it's just absolutely stunning and gorgeous and beautiful and every other synonym under the sun. So glad you loved this so much Romi, I cant wait to get my hands on a copy! (Hopefully for Christmas hehe)

    1. I hope you LOVE it, Joy! This is just such a delightful book (and good use of synonyms, all of them fit it grandly) and I'm sure you will be absolutely enthralled by it, as I was! I am wishing hard that you get a copy for christmas! xx

  4. This book looks absolutely gorgeous and while I often stray from retellings, I may just have to give this one a go. Everyone is raving on about it and the cover isn't too hard on the eyes haha Fantastic review, Romi! :) x

    1. I couldn't recommend that more! I think this would have to be my all time favourite retelling, actually- it touched me so much, with so many different aspects and on so many different levels. It really is a stunning piece of work. x


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