Friday, February 20, 2015

Books I couldn't get through in my break #1

A feature about the (review) books I couldn't get through in my break from the computer.


Legacy of the Claw- C.R. Grey.
Copy published and provided by Hot Key Books. Thank you!

I got a mere 45 pages before being unable to continue with Legacy of the Claw, but I really couldn't have gone forward and expected myself to enjoy the experience. It was quite difficult to get as far as I did.
The thing that drew me to Legacy of the Claw was the fact humans and animals have a link (think His Dark Materials), though it's with every animal in the breed (I think), but... it turned out I found myself reading something that was to my eyes, quite honestly, a younger version of Harry Potter with animals.
The story itself didn't seem to have all that much in kind with it, plot wise, but the characters spoke, acted and, in some circumstances, looked like those I have met and loved already, and the longer I read Bailey's chapters the more it felt the same, and I was, really, unable to go on after that. It had so much potential, but it just... didn't come close to getting me or holding me in the amount I was able to read.

Image Credit: Hot Key Books.

The Battle for WondLa- Tony DiTerlizzi.
Copy published and provided by Simon and Schuster Australia. Thank you!

I got through 141 pages of The Battle for WondLa, the third book in a series that I started off adoring and liked a whole lot less for the middle of the sequel, and it just... was going down, sadly. I'd prefer to keep the love I have for the idea of the series and the first book and the incredible illustrations of Tony DiTerlizzi that are just so good in each instalment, than make myself get through the final book when I'm far from enjoying it and it is only getting harder for me. Eva had changed into a character who... she and I no longer clicked, at all (though I do adore and completely covet her style), and the ialouge felt more juvenile than it ever had before. It stifled the plot, which couldn't grip me, and made everything fall to the side, despite what I'm sure must have waited ahead, what the story offered. It was just... past me, I suppose, as grudging and unhappy as I am to say that.

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