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Fire by Kristen Cashore...

Title- Fire (Graceling Realm #2)
Author- Kristen Cashore.
Publish date- 2009.
Publisher- Gollanez.

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
Fire is a monster. Her father was a monster and she saw what he did. How he controlled. Now she must face the people he injured the most, leaving the safety of her home, and try to use the skills he taught her to help and not hurt, despite the face there is fear and hate in the faces of those who see and recognise her, and the fact she is terrified of her power.

What I thought:
I was pretty hesitant to read Fire. I'd tried it about halfway through 2014 and had sent it back to the library, unfinished and disappointed Kasta wasn't still the protagonist, and I've heard more negative in regards to it than positive. Still, I loved Graceling and I wanted to go through with it, or at least try harder than I had. And you know what, whoever you are?
It was completely brilliant.
I loved Fire so much (the character), and I felt a little of Kasta's strength and fear in her, though she was such a different character, too. Individual and with such a story to tell.

I did find myself creeped out more than once, with the story of Leck as a child at the beginning and Fire's memory of Cansrel, the cruelty of those two disgusting and frightening me, but they didn't dominate the story, fortunately, and Fire held my attention when those moments had passed.

From the first, I anticipated the way the romance would unfold, but that doesn't mean, despite the predictability, that I didn't still follo it with avid enjoyment. Fire and the character involved were so good, and the development of the relationship was rocky and bittersweet and so nicely done, fleeting happiness that reminded me a little of Celaena in Crown of Midnight.

The end was quite wonderful, from the espionage to the hospital work, and every single moment of this book held me fast. I was very unhappy that Kasta and Po weren't in it at all, as I had been under the impression they at least made an appearance, but NO! Hopefully Bitterblue... I've got to keep hoping. (Since then I have tried and decided not to procede with Bitterblue. It didn't bode well with me.)

Rating: Excellent.
It wasn't what I anticipated. I never liked Archer.It had a kind of creepiness that I didn't like.  It had a character who I rougishly loved. It had a protagonist who was layered and truly brilliant. It was an ace story.


  1. I remember really enjoying Fire, although I think Graceling was the best of the trilogy. (The third book wasn't that great for me sadly so I understand why you didn't continue with it) I'm glad you loved this and the protagonist. It's really interesting how the author weaves in all of these different characters into her world.

    1. I really love Graceling. I think it would have to be my favourite, but Fire was a really great read for me, too, so I'm happy that the series mostly worked very well. They're so nicely written, and I love the worlds and the ways that the worlds and stories make you think and consider life and that sort of thing. xx

  2. I actually liked Fire more than Graceling, and Bitterblue more than Fire (so basically the order of the series is the order of enjoyment for me from worst to best).
    Bitterblue actually has cameos from all the characters- Katsa, Po and Fire

    1. Well that makes me want to try it again, Nara! I'm just afraid that Kasta will die and Po and Bitterblue will form a relationship, which I don't think I could handle. I love Kasta and Po too much, and pretty much refuse to read something that has either of their deaths in it! But... maybe I should just risk it. Or you could tell me if that certainly doesn't happen, then I could go in worry free!

    2. haha! I can tell you that nothing toooo horrible happens to either of them! (unless my memory is bad lol)
      And Bitterblue has a different love interest, don't worry :P

    3. The bells of my happiness are chiming to hear that, Nara! I will DEFINITELY be giving it another go. I was completely worried one of those two would be out, so I am, quite literally, thrilled and able to go on. THANK YOU. xx

  3. I also really enjoyed this book, although it definitely had a different feel than Graceling. I still need to read Bitterblue but I have high hopes for that one as well. I really fell in love with the romance in this one, I had suspicious (and hopes) but wasn't entirely sure that was what the author was going to do. Nice review!

    1. Wasn't it sweet? I think Kristen Cashore is such a fantastic writer, and her worlds are just brilliant. I hope you'll review Bitterblue- I'll definitely keen an eye out for that! xx

  4. I love this series so much. I think I liked Bitterblue the least (I am pretty sure this was the last book). This series is just so wonderful. I should re-read it actually. This makes me wonder if Cashore has written anything since then. I am going to go and look!

    1. You should! It's so wonderful- such great world building and the characters are wonderous.

      I just looked it up, too! I wonder when/if she'll next publish something...

  5. I think I've told you of the storm of FURY that still surrounds me when I so much as THINK of this book right? If not, read my review. And know that I STILL FEEL THE FURY.

    But yes, Leck is deliciously creepy, so much more than Voldemort ever could be. When I see Voldemort I still want to give him an awkward hug and maybe watch TV and eat cupcakes with him and Bellatrix. But Leck? Leck is straight up fucked up and so well done.

    And Archer. Archer is where most of the rage and fury comes from. Grrrr.

    But yes, AVOID BITTERBLUE. It's lame. And Katsa and Po are NOT in a favourable light. Have good memories of Graceling and pretend the other two don't exist.

    1. No... I don't believe you have, or not in any kind of depth, at least- I've opened your review to read today, but I note that you DID give it four stars.
      Well now I've decided to read Bitterblue, if only to find out what happens. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THIS UNFAVOURABLE LIGHT? ARE YOU JUST TRYING TO TURN ME OFF AGAIN?!!!!!!!

      Also: Language, miss Lauren. Language. Remember our etiquette training. xx


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