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Rookie Yearbook Three (Edited)by Tavi Gevinson...

Title- Rookie Yearbook Three.
Author- Edited by Tavi Gevinson.
Publish date- October 2014.
Publisher- Penguin Australia.
RRP- $32.99

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
A collection of writing and art and photography, interviews and ponderings for young girls of the world. Profound and interesting, there are lessons here that are unique and accessible in a way that they may not have always been.
Thank you to Penguin Australia for this review copy!
Image Credit: Penguin Australia.

What I thought:
I've never read very much from the Rookie site, but I have admired it and known about it, and I'm incredbly happy that I was lucky enough to get the chance of reviewing the third yearbook, because it truly opened something for me. I'm so glad that Rookie is an available source for people to understand life, what they're going through, appreciate pain and love and others, because this is truly an important resource. It is intense and passionate and important, and while I can't expect every article, on the website or in the yearbook, will suit me or anyone else (I skipped a handful ad feel like there were a few more I could have gone without), there are certainly going to be some- for me quite a few- that will open your eyes to the world and yourself.

The contributions vary and vary widely, from interviews and to-do lists, to suggestions and craft and essays, and I was happy, as I flipped through the pages and read, because I felt like I had been let into this wonderful community and it was teaching me so much, giving me so much, and while, as I say, not everything was what I wanted, so much of it was good, at the very least, and I feel like I would share it. The secret of Rookie. The understanding that it gives. I want to share it with so many people!

Rating: Ooh very good/Excellent.
I'm so glad to have read this. It was relatable and understandable and natural, so natural, and real. Very real. Plus enjoyable!


  1. YAY WELCOME BACK! I've never heard of the Rookie Yearbook or the website before, but this sounds like a great book/series that all girls should read while growing up. Im so glad that this is accessible to everyone, and I would have loved to have had a copy when I was back in highschool. wonderful review lovely xx

    1. Joy! Hi!
      I agree! Even being 18, it was so nice to read some things that resonated with me and made me feel lucky and not-alone, as it were. So it's useful not only for the intended age, which is I think teens-to-16, but for those older, too.
      Aww, thank you!xx

  2. Oh! The lady who runs/founded Rookie came to our school a couple weeks ago! She seemed to have interesting opinions about things, though I haven't actually been on the website. Honestly the problem is just that this school has had way too many speakers about feminism and we all want someone to come and talk about something else. So I wasn't as interested as I could have been. But anyways, I've gone rather off topic...

    1. I'd be so interested in hearing Tavi talk- I watched her Tedx talk and it was fantastic, and she is a really neat seeming person- I'm sorry you weren't able to appreciate it as you otherwise would have been, having had the same kind of thing represented in talks, though that your school is doing stuff like that is just brilliant! How fantastic! x


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