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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart...

Title- The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.
Author- E. Lockhart.
Publish date- January, 2015.
Publisher- Allen and Unwin.
RRP- $14.99

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
Frankie Landau-Banks is a mega mastermind. 
Few people understand this. Fewer understand the extent of her mastry.
Frankie doesn't like to be ordered around or kept out of things for no good reason, so when she finds out her boyfriend is lying to her and going to secret society club meetings, she is quite happy and capable of taking matters into her own hands without letting anybody know.
Thank you to Allen and Unwin for this review copy!
Image Source: Allen and Unwin.

What I thought:
I have been incredibly keen to read The Disreputable History of Frankie L-B for many years. It was one of the first books I ever added to my goodreads to-read list and has never left that list, amidst the many tidies it had seen; it's quite strange, then, that I was fortunate enough to recieve a review copy after being so eager to read it for some years, and even more strange that it was not a thing like I anticipated. It was more serious, less mysterious in certain ways, not quite so lighthearted, and more thought-provoking than I could've hoped for.

It tells the story of Frankie Landau-Banks and her journey to become her true self, I think, and that was, for me, the story that was at the base of it all. Frankie feels shaped and moulded by the whims, expectations and decisions of those around her, and when she finds the boy she's liked for over a year as her boyfriend, she is determined not to become a girl who mindlessly follows, at the same time as not risking a breakup. She sees the ways this happens to others, sees it creep towards her, and she takes steps to ensure it stays at bay.
This, as a whole, was a theme that, really, made me so very happy. Frankie stood out from so many fictional characters, and not just in her self retention. She was intrigued and angry and powerful, cunning and determined and clever, and her traits made a character who was not only an active part in her happiness, but a lively person to read about and someone whose story I truly wanted to follow, and did so with eagerness. It wasn't how I imagined. In many ways, it wasn't better. But certainly it was more profound.

Rating: Excellent.
I would recommend this book eagerly. It shows a character who handles herself and makes mistakes and is controlling, all in the search to be true to herself, and it's a really thought-provoking read.


  1. I really liked this book. It was almost a fluffy chick-lit type of read, but it had some really good thoughts in it.

    1. I'm not sure how I'd describe it, or what genre I'd put it into... possibly YA mystery, though it kind of seems to slip out of that genre. I think it does with most. It's a bit of many things but not totally one. I'm glad you liked it, too! And Thank You! xx

  2. I remember reading this one a few years ago and feeling the same, I thought it was great! You are completely right that the Frankie stands out from so many other characters in YA. It's sad because I don't remember much of the plot now but she definitely stands out in my mind. Nice review!

    1. I think that's nice, in a way, though sad that you don't remember all of the plot details- she is the thing that stands out. I hope it's like that for me, too, that I can look at the book in three years and just remember how much I loved her.
      Thank you, Alise! xx

  3. You know, I don't remember too much about this book, but I think it was more of an average read for me, unfortunately. I remember being a bit annoyed by the protagonist- although I definitely agree that she's quite unique and quirky!

    1. She can do things that are a *little* frustrating, but for me Frankie... well, she didn't necessarily do the right thing, but she was still brilliant. But I can understand that she could have been frustrating! xx

  4. Although I loved We Were Liars so much more, I'm glad this wasn't another mystery / thriller of any type. I think with Abigail Haas with Dangerous Girls, she's pigeonholed herself into the one genre, and there's no way she'll be able to keep up that suspense. For the most part, I enjoyed this one too. The change of pace was nice and it reminded me a little of a Marchetta contemporary as well.

    Lovely review Romi, so glad you really enjoyed this one <3

    1. I actually couldn't get through that- I found the characters really frustrating and gave up! I think this actually came out... five or six years ago, before WWL- one of the things I really like and admire about E. Lockhart's writing is that she goes for different genres and styles. The Boyfriend List, We Were Liars and The Disreputable History are all so different! It must be really difficult when your first books are one genre and are so well received, going to a different genre, if you want to.

      Thank you, Kelly! xx


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