Monday, March 16, 2015

A tag of Heroines.

Because, and I mean this quite literally, what could be better?
I love to celebrate the achievements of women, so a tag that highlights heroines? Well, my dears, I was sold two decades ago on that.

I wasn't tagged for this Heroine tag. That doesn't matter. I saw it in all it's glorious beauty on Paper Fury and that was enough to have me here.

1. Which heroine would you trade places with?
I'll ignore the fact that this means they would not exist. Lets change this to- which heroine would you want to stand beside forever and ever, shall we? Good. Right.

Luna Lovegood.

2. Which heroine would you push off a cliff and hope that there are some jagged rocks at the bottom?
Now cruelty has no place here, thank you very much.

3. Heroine you couldn’t care less about? They’re so bland that they don’t even trigger the hate in you?
Well the questions aren't as positive as I remembered. OH NO. For reads this year, my least favourite heroine would be Margo, from Paper Towns, though. I felt very little for her, it has to be said.


4. Heroine you thought you wouldn’t like and ending up liking and vice versa?

Didn't think I would: All of the characters from Beauty Queens. Because truly they are AMAZING.

Thought I would: Hello again Miss Margo.

5. Side heroine who is much more interesting than main heroine?
I can't remember who it was... Ah ha! Mary Lou. She was bril.

6. Which heroine would you want as your friend?
Celaena Sardothian and Lyra Belacqua. Luna Lovegood and Kasta. And Kami Glass, of course.

7. Which heroine do you wish would just CHOOSE (between the guys [or girls] in her little love triangle)?That would be Kami Glass.


8. Bad girl heroine?
Eh... probably Celaena. But I don't believe in labels, for the most part. This is bad as in bad-ass.

9. “Good girl” heroine?
Labels labels labels. Maybe Meggie from Inkheart, though, because she did try. Most of the time.

10. Your favorite heroine of them all? (If you can’t choose, pick your top 3.)
In no order: Celaena, Luna and Lyra.

Want to do it, too? Then do it. And leave a link so I can ooh and aah.


  1. This is a fun tag! I'll keep it in mind to do if I can think of answers that are not mostly just "Jane Eyre" :D I'm happy to see the love for Kami and Celaena in your answers! :)

    1. YAY! Well I'll keep an eye out, in case you decide to do it! It is trucky not simeply answering most questions (in any tag) with I LOVE THIS CHARACTER SO MUCH. xx


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