Friday, March 20, 2015

Bookish Identity Tag?!

What is this magic? Another tag. Yes. Yes. And another yes because three is apparently the magical number. That and seven. Nine, too? Sidetracked. Let's just go and pretend that didn't happen, right? Right-oh.

I wasn't tagged for this post (I saw it on Paper Fury, so thanks to Cait for doing it and making me see it) and I won't tag anyone, but do it if you'd like to! 

Which dystopian/fantastical world would you want to live in?
That would be the world of Ink from the Inkworld trilogy (it's always in the name, right?). It's a world that was told in a book but kept going on after the book finished, though some characters are still bound by the fates set by the story! Strange, fantastical, completely magical and brilliant. Not necessarily safe, but glorious.

Who would your partner be?
I vote for Celaena. Protection, snarky friendship, a huge dog (I love big dogs, and I'm pretty hers is some sort of wolfhound so *swoon*), a love of books. She could teach me some fighting skills, too.

Which house would you be in? (From HP)
Ravenclaw is the house I have been sorted into on more than one occasion- each occasion, actually. And I'm very happy with that. I think it's definitely me.

Which faction would you be in? (From Divergent)
That would be Dauntless. Am I dauntless? CERTAINLY NOT. But that's what I'd choose. I'm also Divergent, when I take tests, and I feel like that is correct. A mixture between factions, though I'd choose Dauntless, I think.

What would your daemon be? (From His Dark Materials)
A Snow Leopard! Ideally it would be one that would never solidify into one single thing. Changing between a bird of some sort (a swallow or something big enough to carry me) and a snow leopard.

So fun but so short! Give me links if you've done this or do it! It's veerrry fun. 


  1. Celaena would be a perfect choice- just for the protection alone :D but she also sounds great to hang out with. We would probably fight over cake though. LOL A snow leopard is such a majestic and beautiful animal - I love that choice!

    1. Thank you! I really love Snow Leopards, and Lynxes, too- those animals who are just a little bit more... mysterious, possibly. They seem like they have secrets. x

  2. omg Celaena is so badass. I don't know if I'd necessarily want her as a partner though, because she can get pretty scary :P I'd go for Hermione, I think!
    I'd definitely choose Dauntless too! For the cake, if for nothing else ;)

    1. I agree with that. BUT STILL. She's great. If I was choosing someone from HP, it'd probably be Ginny. I love Luna the most, but I think Ginny would be the fit here.

      Ah yes! I forgot about the cake! xx

  3. Aah love this :D:D Some of my answers would be the same. Though I haven't read Inkworld so idk. Oh, and the Dauntless are a bit too cutthroat for me! If I had to choose, I'd probably choose Amity, though I'm sure we're all really Divergent. Also Celaena and wolfhounds FTW!!

    1. The Inkworld series (I'm rereading the first book atm) is so, so beautiful. I think you'd really enjoy it, actually, Aylee. It's interesting and different and magical and just a really, really, indepth wonderful story. Like the HP of... I almost said fantasy, but I guess HP is fantasy. It's brilliant, anyway! I'd love for you to read it!
      Oh, I agree on that- I don't really like that element of Dauntless, but the pace of their lives, the enthusiasm and risks. It'd terrify me, but I'd feel so very alive, I'm sure. It's so interesting to consider what faction we'd be- I wonder how many of us would be Divergent?


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