Sunday, March 8, 2015

Books I couldn't get through in my break #2.

A feature about the (review) books I couldn't get through in my break from the computer.


A Small Madness- Dianne Touchell.
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I'm not really sure how far I got through A Small Madness, though I skimmed most of it after that point, where I felt it was not going to be a comfortable or beneficial read for me if I continued. It is about a really troubling issue and I felt a daunting and a fear and great discomfort through the writing, even in the early pages. One thing I think should have been amended in the finished copy is a little more information before the reader gets in, about what the book is actually about, because the back reveals very little and when I found out the real focus of the story I was completely taken aback. I felt it needed some warning, at least.

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Iremonger Book 1, Heap House- Edward Carey.
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I struggled on and off with Heap House for a long time, marking my way through the early chapters before moving away, returning only to move away once more. I so looked forward to this unusual tale, but just couldn't get into the language or story, and from skipping ahead afterwards I realise it's unlikely that would have changed the more I read. The way the story is set out, with character illustrations at the beginning of each new chapter, is something I like and the total uniqueness of the plot, so wildly different from anything else I've ever heard of, but sadly I just could not find anything in it that pulled me in and managed to hold me.


  1. Omg A Small Madness's blurb really doesn't tell you anything about the book does it?! I gave it to Alana to review thinking it's just another contemporary but she couldn't even finish it because of the themes it touched upon. I was sick to my stomach when she told me about them. I'm glad that you stepped back and recognised that you needed to not continue reading it when it makes you uncomfortable Romi. Not all books need to be read.

    1. No, I was completely shocked; I know it's supposed to be a subject matter that doesn't reveal itself until partway through, but I still think it's necessary to put it on the cover. It was, I guess, from the parts I read, a really upsetting read, especially for it's realness, but I agree that I couldn't finish it. It was pretty graphic, too, and just really unsettling.


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