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Adorkable (audiobook review) by Sara Manning...

Title- Adorkable (audio).
Author- Sara Manning.
Publish date- 2012.
Publisher- Whole Story Audiobooks.

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
It’s the story of a not all that lovely lady who meets and loathes a possibly not so lovely guy, who in turn despises her. So why do they keep snogging, I ask you? And I tell you I Do. Not. Know.

What I thought:
Adorkable was a fast listen for me. Generally it’s difficult for me to settle on an audiobook, because on matter how good the story, the narration- if not to my liking- throws the whole thing. Another thing with me and audiobooks is that I tend to listen to them when I have no (or very little) intention of trying to actually read the novel myself. They’re a last chance stand, kind of thing. And easier than reading, often enough. I do a lot of stuff that I can listen to an audiobook during but can’t read during. Though they have the habit of keeping me awake at night.
So Adorkable, had I picked it up in paper form, would have been given up on fairly quickly. Jeane isn’t likable or nice, Michael isn’t fantastic, and even the narration wasn’t, in my thoughts, that wonderful. When the female actress did the male voices it felt weird, same with the male voicing the females. And often they weren’t all that distinct, the secondary characters they’d voice. The characters sound droll and whiney and manipulative, slack and unkind. And they are.
But for some reason… I kept listening. I wasn’t even enjoying it that much. Then… I started to.

Adorkable is, basically, the story of a famous blogger who stands for those who are different, who wants her army of “dorks” to take over the world; then she meets Michael, the “perfect boy” whom she loathes just because of what she thinks he is, and he hates her, too, because she’s not “normal” (there are also many, many, many references to how ugly she is). So. Many. Labels. And the thing that really struck me was how judgmental and unforgiving and hypocritical  Jeane was- and Michael, too. She stood for people who were different, but as Michael points out that only applies if they suit her definition of different. She never once considered that everyone was different in their own way- she just loathed everyone who didn’t act like her- which isn’t much of an “individual” definition.
Michael however… he tried to talk to everyone. But in a parallel to Jeane, only the ones who seemed “normal”. It was so limiting, both their views.
And then together? The description of this book says how they can’t stop talking, but really they can’t stop kissing. All of the times. And they were so unhealthy for each other; it was never a nice union, not when they only wanted the other to fit their wishes, when they wanted the other to change so desperately and  never believed in the other. It wasn’t romantic so much as incredibly damaging- I’d recommend, with their attitudes and feelings, they get away from each other before they severely damage the other’s mental health.

But I did kind-of-quite enjoy the story. Even though it doesn’t sound like it. Or like I’d even recommend it! It was good, in plenty of sections, and interesting, and something quite fun to listen to. Just I never liked either of the protagonists.
Bonus point- it had a healthy, present view on sex! And I mean that Jeane had her wants and needs and she spoke to Michael about them and it was brilliant.

Spoilery- I can’t believe Jeane would ever make the decision she did towards the end. It felt so unreal and untrue for all her character had been. Giving up everything she lived and stood for, just to fit in?
- I didn’t really get why Jeane was so upset when she found out Michael had been following her on twitter and they’d interacted. I mean, it made sense that she could be upset, but she was wild in her fury and I just did not get that.

Rating: Hmm...
Now I don’t believe the characters were meant or good for each other, there was a huge judgement and hypocrisy, and they weren’t really nice, but it was an enjoyable book to listen to. Though I wouldn’t say I ever really believed Jeane was a “dork”.


  1. Ooh, I have never read a book about a blogger before! I'M INTRIGUED. Although, to be honest, the whole label and hipocrasy thing would probably drive me up the wall. I need my contemporaries with a few explosions (lol, okay fine, maybe not....) or at least real deepness and emotional heart-wrenching drama. The more flippy cute stuff generally isn't for me. :( STILL. I enjoyed your review! :)

    1. Another one is... oh what is it called... Oh. Revived by Cat Patrick. Not sure what she was a blogger of, but she was a blogging girl, the protagonist. It's really interesting! No, I don't think you'd enjoy this overly- there isn't much in the way of heartwrenching drama, or not from my perspective. There were moments of deepness, though. I will say that.
      I'm glad! Here's hoping you get that explosion filled contemporary, Cait. x

  2. Well, this is definitely interesting, although I am worried about the copious amounts of kissing when they're apparently at each other's throats o_O That's some kind of loophole there that would make me twitch my eyes with fury. Haha! Not sure if I will read this one, but I'm glad you found something in it to enjoy :)

    Faye at The Social Potato

    1. Yeah... the synopsis was read at the beginning of the audio and when it came out that there wasn't so much "talking" as full frontal business, I was... perplexed? A lot?
      The laws of attraction are bizarre in this book, that's for sure, but it does tell an interesting story! x

  3. What an interesting dilemma this book put you into - that you enjoyed but sorta not. I think the relationship would bother me, but I can see why you just kept listening to it at first even if you didn't enjoy it as much. It's too easy to just let the audiobook play, while continuing to physically read a book you're not enjoying is work! :)

    1. It's so strange when it happens. In the end I've enjoyed aspects, but overall I wouldn't recommend it or say I liked it. But I don't really feel like I've wasted my time, either?
      If I'd read any review, I'd have said the relationship would turn me off, too, and I would've been right to think so. I just didn't understand that dynamic. I'd have loved it if they'd just moved away from relationships for a while- they were both too toxic.
      That is right! Audiobooks are quite convenient, when they work. x

  4. Hmmmmmm. I have seen this book around the blogosphere quite a bit and I really cannot decide if I want to pick it up or not. I've seen heaps of people mention the realistic attitude/s towards sex, which I am keen for. I think YA either makes it out to be transcendental or erases it completely (GRR). But then I'm not really keen on the idea of an unhealthy relationship, or a judgemental MC. I know were not supposed to like every protagonist we come across ... but I much prefer to read books about people I like :P

    This was a lovely review, Romi!

    1. Yes, it does have a really good attitude towards sex and I was really pleased with that- the female character was assertive and the two worked together to both be happy with what was happening. Jeane, though... was really frustrating. She has this thing where she speaks as if she's really bored, and it is her go to voice with EVERYTHING. Quite frustrating, even if it was through reading and not listening, though maybe I'd have been able to forget it if I wasn't always hearing it.

      Oh, so do I. I like it, sometimes, when I don't like the protagonist, but... well here I think they were both intended to be liked. They were liked well enough by themselves, I'll say that.

      Thank you, Chiara! Let me know if you read it- would love to hear your thoughts. x


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