Monday, April 6, 2015

Books for when you're... (19)

Each fortnight, month, fifteenth full moon of the half equational motion of the earths full circuit I will showcase 1-2 books that I think would be fantastic reading if you're going through a  certian emotion/stage in your life.

Wanting a character with a lot of dedication.
These are the characters who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. They fight and work and will not give up. And it’s time to meet them.
*May contain spoilers for the Fairyland series*

Mrs. Bennett from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
Well she’s just about the most passionate character I have ever met in a book. She has a plan, for her daughters to be married off to a suitable (and by that we mean wealthy) suitor, and she will accomplish that plan. Mrs. Bennett is possibly also the most annoying character I have ever met in a book- not true, though generally it is in any tv/movie adaption- but I also feel like I probably should admire her utter dedication. It brings her happiness and leaves her bedridden, and though I personally don’t think her goal is particularly agreeable, she is the one to go to if you ever wanted someone who could rant and rave and go from ecstatic to morbidly moaning within minutes- nay, seconds- and all because she wants what she thinks is the best for her daughters. That’s dedication.

The Marquess from Fairyland by Catherynne M. Valente.
The Marquess is a character I love and loathe and dresses as for Halloween with very good results, I like to think. She is determined to rule Fairyland and make everyone pay for what they did to her, and she comes very close to achieving her goal. She is hurt and sorrowful and she is a mighty fine character to look to when you want dedication and a pretty covering for a darkness that lies underneath. The Marquess has methods to her doings and I really quite like her, though only towards the end of the first book did I start to. She has so much depth and I really felt for her, despite the fact she did truly awful things to meet her goals.

Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling.
Well Umbridge is my most hated character from Harry Potter, more even than Voldy-Pants, but I’ve got to admire (in a very scowly way) her determination. Her means, reasonings and ideas are all very dark and displaced, and I don’t know that I’m aware of any good she ever did, in any of the books, but she was fiercely determined to rid Hogwarts of those who she didn’t believe were doing a proper job. And she did come awfully close to getting rid of some very important characters, and did it by being destructive and horrible with a dainty smile behind utter evil.

Stay tuned for some more bookish suggestions for the good times, and the bad.
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  1. I can see what you mean about Umbridge and Mrs. Bennett! I really hated Umbridge and I found myself often getting really annoyed with her and often yelling 'Just go away already!' So I very much consider her determined! I agree with you about Mrs. Bennett, I don't think her goals were particularly agreeable either but I guess that's what really makes the book!
    Awesome post! This is such a good idea!

    1. Thank you, Lily! I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Umbridge is awful! Absolutely! But mixed in with her evil, possibly as a result of it, is her fierce determination to squash all that she considers wrong- I found that really interesting. Maybe I need to do a future edition focusing on the "good" characters!

  2. Ooh new blog design!! So unique and whimsical - love it! It's interesting that the characters you picked for characters determined to achieve their goals are rather negative ones to me. Mrs. Bennett means well though I suppose. Umbridge of course is just an awful person. I suppose though that if you are bent on achieving your goals there is a ruthlessness to that mindset so it goes with characters who can be seen in a negative light. Very interesting post!

    1. Thank you so much, Charlene! xxx
      Isn't that funny? I didn't really notice until I chose the Marquess, because I don't really think of Mrs. Bennet as a typically "bad" character, despite loathing her. But none of them have intentions that are particularly... good for others, not on a wide scale. I'm considering having a post for characters who are determined and have "good" goals! xx


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