Sunday, April 19, 2015

Learn things about me!

The lovely Glazia from Paper Wanderer, which is a seriously nice blog, nominated me for the Libester award; I'm not currently accepting awards here at the moment, but she asked some very interesting questions in the post, so I thought I'd have fun and answer them!
But before that, here are 11 facts about me! Woo. Everyone start to responsibly party!

1. I have seven pairs of converses. They are my collection, so it’s okay. I’m sure.

2. When I fall for something I fall hard and basically nothing can make me revoke that love.

3. I name my pets after fictional characters. Hugo my rabbit for Hugo Cabret. Kasta my puppy for Katsa (please let us all forget the fact I named her wrongly because I read, reviewed and squeed over Graceling’s protagonist, never realising I got her name wrong. Let’s just FORGET IT), Hester and Bob, my goldfish for… well one was a character from Miss Marple. Bob is just Bob. And I’ll have a cat called Serafina, for the gorgeous witch.

4. I grew up skiing and almost got lost in a snowstorm with two other 8 year olds. We didn’t navigate it well.

5. A ski lift stopped when I was going up an almost vertical slope once. I started sliding backwards (and note I was the only one with this dilemma, as no one else was on said lift) so jumped ship (lift?) and one of my ski’s came off and slid down the hill so I had to hobble-slide down to get it.

6. I used to be terrified of dogs. My scream was well renowned to mean a. I was unhappy, b. There was a dog, c. Or a leech was trying to consume my spirit. I told the dog thing to people at the animal shelter I once volunteered at and they thought it was hilarious, because I so often chose to walk the gargantuan dogs.

7. I love dogs and cats equal-pops.

8. But Snow Leopards and Lynxs are my favourite, no question. 

9. I have only been to three of the Australian states, including my own. Don't even ask about my international travel.

10. I didn’t always know I wanted to be a writer. Relatively, this is new.

11. I used to be a person who would pull everything off  pizza and only eat the cheese and sauce. Tell that to the anything-so-long-as-it’s-a-vegetable-stack-it-on-stack-it-on girl. My smaller self would be repulsed by the person I turned into. I have an intense dislike for pink now. I make my child self cry, sometimes. I mean, I have a dog for crying out loud- do I have no self restraint?

Now for Glazia's questions!

1. If you can assign a theme song to your favorite anti-hero, antagonist, or villain, what would the theme song be?
Well it’d have to be Dance Again from a Very Potter Musical. I mean, it was literally made for Voldy. I don’t know that he’s my favourite villain, but it was too perfect a fit to skip over.

2. What was the most recent book that made you laugh?
One of the Georgia Nicholson books- I read the whole series in January and though Georgia annoyed the socks off me, she was hilarious and I laughed a lot with those books. Though, more accurately, Angus, Libby and Gordy were the hilarious ones.

3. What types of books do you want to try reading more of?
Fantasy! It’s my favourite genre but I just haven’t read enough of it. Could I ever, is the question? Possibly not, is the answer. I’d also really like to read a mass more LGBT+ fiction, or even just stories that featured LGBT+ characters. It’s not too much to ask is it, oh world?

4. Who is your new favourite author?
Bisco Hatori, who writes the Ouran High School Host Club manga, and Laini Taylor. Both blow me away.

5. If you were trapped in an alternate fantastical universe, which book characters would you like to meet for help and/or fun?
September & co. from the Fairyland series and Celaena/Aelin from Throne of Glass. Also Lyra from His Dark Materials, and since it’s a part welcome Luna and Katsa! 

6. What is your preferred method of acquiring books – libraries, bookstores, friends?
Ooh… old bookstores. I love books that have been read and owned and have dozens more stories in them than the ones they actually tell. It’s somewhat magical. 

7. Why did you start blogging?
I wanted to share the stories of my writing, editing and querying process, though also sing the praises of all the books and authors I loved, which I ended up focusing on, blog-wise.

8. What book(s) are you reading next?
Wandering Son Volume 1. I’ve already read all the volumes published in English (Come June! Now! Please!), but am rereading the first volume because a. It’s incredible, and b. It’s for my bookclub.

9. If you like book adaptations, what is your favourite book adaptation? 
Howls Moving Castle! I love how all the different adaptions of that story- novel, film, manga- all tell unique stories, and the film… *sigh* I don’t know if I’ll love a film more than that, not ever.

10. What is your go-to hobby (besides reading)?
Running. I love to run. Also I really love collaging. Surprisingly, my puppy only likes the latter, because she can sleep through it.

11. Dragons or Fae?
DRAGONFAE! I love dragons and fae equally, probably. So dragonfae are perfect, thank you.



  1. OH THIS WAS GREAT!! Plus you make me giggle. XD Hehe...

    My sister is afraid of dogs. She had a bad experience when she was like 7, but she's so so disgusted at my dog. It grieves my dog-loving heart. I've gone backwards in that I was an insanely unfussy eater when I was a kid and now I'm hopeless. >_< I don't even like my food to touch on my plate and my family is like 1000% done with me. BUT I DO WHAT I GOTTA DO. OHhh, I've been to 4 Australian states! ^-^ I'd love to go to Victoria one day tho.

    1. Thank you!

      Oh no! I couldn't stand someone being disgusted by my dog. I have way too much pride in her to comprehend anyone NOT liking her. It would be too deep a blow to ever move on from, I am sure. xx

  2. Thank you for sharing these things about yourself.

    I was afraid of dogs as a kid and sort of still am. Little dogs I can deal with now, but the bigger dogs still cause me anxiety.

    I've only been to 3 Australian states as well, including my own, and have never been overseas, though I'd love to go one day.

    I would be so scared if the ski lift stopped and I was stuck on it.
    I love reading fantasy too, and I've read a lot of it, but there is just so much Fantasy out there that I feel I haven't read enough of it.

    1. I'm generally more wary of the little dogs, because they have that reputation for being more vicious and biters, though I should probably disregard all dog stereotypes, since people are afraid of the breed I have!

      It seems a little strange, like we have this huge expanse to travel and explore, but we've only visited two other places. Still, we're unlikely to travel to every place, are we? Unless we're explorers, which would be pretty fun.

      Exactly. Exactly exactly exactly. xx

  3. I have five pairs of Converses, but I only really consistently wear one pair XD I also gave away a brand new pair when I did a huge clean-out in January because they didn't fit properly *crying*

    My family names our pets after Disney characters! :D At the moment we have Aristocat and Figaro ^.^

    Snow Leopards and Lynxs are seriously the most beautiful creatures EVER. I saw a snow leopard at a zoo and I was just flailing everywhere at its prettiness.

    I have only been to three Australian states, including my own, as well XD And no international travel to speak of. SIGH.

    I still need to read Howl's Moving Castle because the movie is one of my all time favourites and just asdfghjkl SO PERFECT.

    And also, I have an lgbtqia+ shelf on Goodreads so if you're looking for some titles, you might find some there ^.^

    1. OH NO. That is sad. What colour were they? Though I have to say it's bittersweet in my view, because I adore huge clean outs. It's so fun to get rid of all your stuff you don't need! I seriously get excited about that kind of thing.

      OH THAT IS NICE. What a great theme for naming- I really love that!

      YES. Yes yes yes. I'll try not to use caps, but you've got to read HMC. It's utterly fantastic and I'm sure you'd adore it to bits! The film and the book are pretty different, but they are both unique and wonderful and tell such wonderful stories.

      Great! I'm so excited to see that and am off to look now. Thank you for telling me! x

  4. I've never had a cat because I'm mildly allergic but that doesn't stop me from petting the ones I do run into >:D Since I've only owed dogs I guess I have to say I prefer dogs, but only a little. My favorite animal is a hedgehog though. I don't have much say in their names because they are family pets but when I am older they will be named after fictional characters for sure! I've never read or seen Howl's Moving Castle but I hear great things.

    1. It's weird, because I'm semi alergic to fluffy ones, too, and my sister has a hyop-alergenic breed, and I get really alergic around her, but she's gorgeous and I love her. So that's annoying.
      Aw- hedgehogs are so sweet! I love them, too. And I couldn't recommend HMC enough- it's striking in more ways than one, and so, so enjoyable. xxx

  5. Hahahaha the Kasta thing cracks me up :D If it helps, I think it sounds good! I once called the protagonist of The Darkest Minds Bree for an entire review even though her actual name is Ruby. I happened to read it again a few months later and was like WHAT WAS I THINKING.

    I imagine it's hard to travel when you live in Australia! Everything's so far away. I've been to quite a few countries, but mostly just the ones close(ish) to my own, because it's cheapest. I'd love to go to Australia sometime, but I'm not sure I'd survive it what with all the stuff that kills you and my inherent clumsiness. :D

    1. Oh, thank you Vlora! I was horrified and highly amused when I found out, and for a while it weirded me out a LOT, but now I'm not bothered by it anymore. Ahhha, that's funny! I think I almost did something similar, which is completely bizarre. I wonder why it happened?

      It is, and I think it's generally quite expensive. Well it's really beautiful here (I live in Tasmania, which I think is generally considered to be the "natural" or "nature" state), so that's a bonus, if you can stomach the deadly insects! xx

  6. My sister named one of our guinea pigs after a guitar brand but if I ever get another pet, I shall consider book names! I love old book stores too. I find that readers sometimes leave interesting notes, bookmarks or stickers in old library books.

    Ahh Ouran High School Host Club was so much fun. I should catch up on the manga - does it have a more definite ending than the anime?

    Thanks for sharing the randomness, I'm glad you had fun with the Q&A!

    1. They give a lot of options, I'll say that! Ooh, that can be incredible in old books, seeing the signatures and bookmarks, you're right! It makes for a really unique collection, and so interesting to see when books were won at school contests and the like.

      Wasn't it? It totally got me into anime. The manga ends really differently from the anime, I think- and this surprises the socks off me, because I adore the anime- I like it even more. It's got more depth and plot and it's really incredibly wonderful! xx

  7. heh, so fun and cute ^_^ I'm sure we've all changed from when we were little, even if just a little bit. I used to be a cat-loving tomboy when I was little myself. Now I'm a dog-loving not-quite tomboy, not-quite girly girl. But I've always detested the colour pink >.<

    Love all your bookish answers!

    1. My niece certainly took some convincing to realise I wouldn't be converted back to pink! I do, however, quite like pastel purple, though purple in general goes with pink. Maybe I'm eternally rebelling against the colours of my younger youth? ( :

      But do you still like cats?

      Thank you, Aylee! xx

  8. How interesting that you used to be so afraid of dogs! What was it that turned things around for you? I've always loved animals - dogs especially, but anything furry and cute, I'll pet. :) And your skiing stories sound terrifying. I've never really been in snow, and I don't think I'd handle it very well. :)

    I'm thrilled to know that you love the Very Potter Musical too - it's such a hilarious musical!

    1. I don't even know why I was afraid in the first place- I was pretty tiny and they were generally huge, so something about the size difference, I think... anyway, I think it was when we got our family dog, when I was just 3. She obviously convinced me that a. I would always be protected, and b. dogs were really quite lovely.
      I look back on them and cannot believe I came out so well, though they make for amusing almost-death stories I can bring up all the time!

      OH ISN'T IT BRILLIANT? Would love to co-review the three of them with you onetime, if you're interested. xx


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