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Angus, Thongs by Louise Rennison- a series review. OOH AAH.

Over the summer, I read the entire Angus Thongs series (Georgia Nicholson diaries, rather)- this is quite the task, you know, because there are eight books and before the second had ended (which is as far, I believe,  as I’d read once before, when I was 12 or 13) I knew I disliked Georgia a lot. A lot a lot. And I mean, the books are from her point of view, so it’s not like we get a reprieve once. They’re her diaries, after all. It’s Georgia, Georgia, Georgia. And some more on the side. Like a dish full. Or a bath. Lets be safe and settle on a swimming pool.
But I did it. For some reason. I wanted to find out what happened from the book and not internet research? Oh, and I could get through little else, as my brain was too sore (see: accident to blame again, huh? Yup.) and it kept me from feeling like all my time was drifting by as I did nothing. I got through one if not more a day, and that was a very necessary achievement.

Oh, and that dislike for Georgia I mentioned? It grew. And only kept growing, so by the end I was satisfied but loathed her. Georgia is selfish without- no, refusing- to acknowledge it, she is an unkind, manipulative person and she is cruel, uncaring for the feelings of others and a pretty rubbish friend. She expects everyone to be there for her without ever being there, genuinely there, in return, and her behaviour had me in anguish and horror- I couldn’t understand how anyone could possibly stand someone so nasty, and yet she had… many men trailing her. The most popular boys, the ones the other girls all mooned after- and they all saw her and said “Yes, here is someone who is genuine and nice.” It feels, in retrospect, like a daydream of a diary, not real fiction. And another thing about the gaggle of boys she fell for (okay there were three but STILL) and who never seemed able to give up on her fully? All except one were worryingly older than Georgia. One was at least 17-18+ when she was 14. One would’ve been 19 minimum when she was 15-16, though I’d guess more like 21+, and no one ever said “Georgia, this isn’t safe/wise/creepy in any way, is it?” She thought it was great. Her friends thought it was great. Her mum loved it. Her dad wasn’t overly involved but I don’t recall any warnings there, either. She was sneaking out. She was going out in the early hours of the morning. She was not only underage, but immature and easily led, and it infuriates me that not once in any form was it seem as potentially harmful for her to have these relationships. No. It was seem as admirable.

Aside from my annoyances and frustrations with the plot + characters, the thing that kept me reading? The humor. It doesn’t, in any way, negate all the other things, but it had me laughing, snorting and cheerful, with the bizarre, ludicrous, hilarious situations that Georgia and Co. got up to/fell into.

The stars were, of course, Angus, Libby and, later on, Gordy, who were humorously odd and strangely endearing, even if I’d pelt away with all my power if I met any of them in real life.
Also, have to mention my utter loathing for Dave the laugh, who I dubbed Dave the idiot and some other less kind names. He cheats. Georgia cheats. They all cheat! And it’s lovely.
He and Georgia, really, are as horrible as each other.

Rating: This is the worst possible time for an explosion.
In most of my entries for each book, after I’d finished them, my feelings were generally sumarised by “Georgiaaaaaaa” or “Georgia noooooooo”.


  1. Yikes, Georgia definitely doesn't sound like a heroine you'd like to be inside the head of. It would frustrate me to read a character so indifferent and mean and nasty... I've been watching here and there some TV dramas in the Philippines and I can't stand the villains who are villains because they're absurdly evil. Georgia sounds like that >.<

    Faye at The Social Potato

    1. Nope. The thing is, that really got me, she always shied away from accepting her faults and realising she was being awful. And we’re supposed to like her. She’s supposed to be completely strange and yet lovable, but I just couldn’t stand her. So the thing about her is that she just won’t accept it, and we’re not really supposed to, either, I don’t think. I’m hoping we’re supposed to realise it more than her, but she’s still supposed to be likable.

      That can be amusing, but… also not. Definitely can be taken far too far! Xx

  2. I was first introduced to the books when I saw the movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and I really liked it, Georgia didn't seem half as annoying in the movie xD The books seem pretty awful...I wonder what you would think of the movie then. Was the age issue ever addressed in the books? I wonder if the age of consent is lower wherever the book takes place?

    1. I think my sister read the books before the movie, but I watched it when it came out, I think I’d read two of the books at that stage, and I really liked it. It’s an amusing movie and I rewatched it recently and though I certainly don’t love it, or think it’s amazing or anything like that, it’s quite enjoyable. Though I am not up for the girl hate, which is even bigger in the books. Ergh. But no! She was a lot nicer in general in the movie. They adapted that really well. But she also got worse as the books went along, and the film was only based on the first two.

      No! Which horrified me. It was just seen as… fine. Never bought up, at all. Her parents were just… ridiculously lax. It takes place in the UK so I don’t think so, though I might have to look it up anyway. Xx

  3. I read the first book AFTER I saw the movie (I think), and I was really and thoroughly unimpressed. Like you, I didn't like Georgia, and I didn't like her love interest/s, either. If I remember correctly, Angus is the cat? Or there WAS a cat? I'm pretty sure the cat was the only thing about the book that I liked (that is no surprise, really). Although I do remember there being a few funny moments.

    If you're looking for funny YA (although lower YA, I suppose), please read the Jess Jordan books! (here's the link for the first one: These books have an endearing main character, an ADORABLE love interest, and are sweet and funny :D

    1. And she just gets worse and worse, so by the last couple of books it’s really uncomfortable being in her head. I’m honestly surprised I kept reading, but it was either read that or have a huge headache if I tried anything else, so at least I was able to make a discussion out of it, and I know now I will never need to know what happens!
      Yes, Angus (and then Gordy, who is one of his offspring) is the cat, and literally the best character.
      Okay! I’ll be sure to check them out, Chiara! Thanks for the link. Xx

  4. I think when it comes to this YA series you have to read it at a certain age. I read all of these books as a preteen and just loved them because they are the kind of airy-head kind of teenagers who think about little else than fitting in and boys and all that. I don't even know why that intrigued me but I could have a good laugh and couldn't wait for Georgia to open her eyes and learn that there was more about life. So I think I quite liked them :)

    1. Possibly, but at the same time I imagine I would have had the exact same annoyances, of a level, had I read this when I was 13. I tend to think, now, very similarly to when I was younger, and Georgia is just a character I cannot imagine I ever would have *liked*. She's frustrating and idiotic and just super annoying to me.
      I'm glad you liked them, though! I definitely did enjoy the film. xx


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