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Mini Reviews (10)

The Golden Twine- Jo Rioux.
I love manga and graphic novels and books full of art. Sometimes it’s not the story that makes me hold on and keep reading, it’s the art, so exquisite and well defined that I couldn’t turn from it. We might miss out on illustration in the large majority of YA, MG and adult lit, but we still have these!

The Golden Twine was a really interesting story, though possibly presenting itself more like a web comic than something you’d generally see printed. I enjoyed it a lot, and the art was very nice, but it was a strange mix of being aimed at MG and the character seeming very young, to the far end of MG with some of the feelings and themes. To be truthful, I don’t remember all that much about it (then why review it?), as you can probably tell, but I remember I liked it quite a bit, it was quick and the art was nice. So that’s positive!
It was a really neat fantasy story, strange and nice and thoughtful, with levels to it, but it ends with you wanting to know what’ll happen next and though there’s supposed to have been a sequel, I can find practically nothing about it. It’s a mystery! I only hope it comes out eventually, before the story of this becomes too much of a mystery to my mind.

Me Being Me is Exactly as Insane as You Being You- Todd Hasak-Lowy.
To be honest, I didn't anticipate that I was going to like this one. Cait wrote a great review and it clearly showed me elements of the book that I felt I would not like nor want to read, though I was perfectly willing to give it a try when a lovely surprise package was sent to me from S&S. Afterall, I do love some lists (and this book? Comprised entirely of lists, it is) and the cover is so neat when you really take it in.
The cover remains something I really like and I admit that, while I didn't like the story, characters or writing style personally (these male characters who gripe, talk excessively about girls and their various attractions and do close on nothing- another one of these, like Cait said, is Greg from another book I disliked- are hugely annoying to my system. I am all for more male protagonists in YA, but these I do not like), but the use of lists to still tell the story and point out feelings and events was really clever. The feelings and events were too nondescript, filler-esq, disengaging and irrelevant for me to enjoy- they failed to grip me and I started to get a sore head whenever I was about to start readng. I got to about 165 pages, but in the end? I am not one to continue with a book when there are others I want to read more and I am seriously not enjoying it. There just isn't time in my life for that, and I could feel poorly for giving up (I'm a reviewer, after all), but I don't. I simply don't have time for such things. So:
Go. Me.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!
Image Source: Simon and Schuster AU.


  1. I'm interested in Me Being Me, being told entirely in lists but it's just a shame that it didn't capture you. I can see why though, especially if it's hard to connect with and it takes more effort to digest you know? I'm enjoying graphic novels lately too and The Golden Twine sounds like a great one! Love the mini reviews Romi!

    1. Oh yes, such an interesting way to tell a novel, right? And I'm in love with the cover. It's so detailed, with it making up not only Me on the front and You on the back, but it's a postcard and an envelope, too, which is so incredibly neat.
      Oh yay! They're fantastic, right? I've got a couple manga to read (I can really recommend Bride's Story, if you're interested in manga) and should try and find some more graphic novels, too, really get back into it.
      Thanks so much, Jeann! xx

  2. Well, I've read quite a few books in verse-form, I would imagine Me Being Me is about the same? Hopefully? Lol.

    1. No, I wouldn't say it's verse. It is literally lists, and they're written in... ah, no idea what it's called. Prose. It's still prose, just in a 1-10 or whatever number it is llist form.
      Not sure if you'd enjoy it... maybe see if you can find an excerpt? xx

  3. *hi fives* CLEARLY WE HAVE EPICALLY PERFECT THOUGHTS ABOUT ME BEING ME. ;-) Couldn't agree more with what you said! Although I did end up having a small soft spot for it just on account of it being full of lists. I wish more authors did that. IT NEEDS BE A THING!

    1. Highest of fives, Cait. But it's sad, too, because this is a book and I really did want to love it and I DIDN'T.
      The list thing, though I loved the prospect of it, didn't work for me at all, so the affection I'm left with was for the cover. It is so incredibly neat. I love it. Though I'd be totally up for trying another list-form novel. Totally needs to be a thing, I agree.

  4. Well, I admit that I am interested in the idea of a book being told in lists... but maybe not enough to pick it up if most of my trusted-reviewers didn't really dig it. Plus, I am completely unable to DNF books once I start them so unlike you, I would have to push through to the end if I were to start it.

    1. That gets me, too- it's such a neat idea, and I do love lists. It's a really good way of having me on board! I'm pretty sad it didn't work out for me.
      Eh, maybe not, right? Oh no! And I was about to say, maybe check it out from your library? But with 680 pages, or something close on that, of lists, maybe it's best to just give it a miss?


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