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The Disney Princess TAG!

I decided to do the Disney Princess tag. Why, you probably don't ask? Because I wanted to. It looks like a super tag created by Of Stacks and Cups. I wasn't tagged. I am a strong, independant woman. I don't need to be tagged. Hear me type creatively. (And tag yourself, if you're so inclined.)

I think I have to do Three Disney Princess facts, so here we go:
*I do not have a good standing with Disney's Ariel, though she is my favourite fairytale character.
*I trained my niece to sing Love is an Open Door, from Frozen, in the Anna-Hans style with me.
*My least favourite Disney film/princess is Snow White. I get shivers when I see even a minute of that film (and it used to be on all. the. time.).

One. Snow White- Name your favourite classic.
Well it's not Snow White, that's for sure- harharhar. I know, I'm dreadful. My favourite Classic is a tie up between Pride and Prejudice and The Little Prince. I have an endless love for Lizzie and Darcy (lucky some real creative people in the world do, too!) and The Little Prince is gorgeous beyond words. It's the book I collect in all different editions, though it's so teeny that I'll probably never fill a shelf just with the books!

Two. Cinderella- Name a book that kept you reading well past your bedtime.
The only time I have stayed up super late was when I was cramming and was up til 2AM, and that was the first time. I really got into reading about psychologists and their child development theories. But with books? This never happens. I think I've stayed up until 11 a few times, but I don't even remember what book it was with!

Three. Aurora- Name your favourite classic romance.
This would be either Lizzie and Darcy from P&P, because their dynamic and love to hate and the angonising wait for readers as they finally realise they love each other and are so sweetly pathetic, it's my kind of thing. I'm pitting it up against Anne and Gil from the Green Gables series- apparently I like love-hate romances? I actually never knew that- because they are supreme.

Four. Ariel- Name a book that's about making sacrifices and fighting for your dreams.
In a way I would say Inkspell and Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke. So many of the characters, particularly Meggie, fight for what they believe in and give up aspects of their lives to achieve their dream, and it really is moving, how strong willed they are in the face of terror.

Five. Belle- Name a book with a smart and independant female character.
The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, particularly CoM and HoF. Celaena is fierce and desperate and traumatised, and I do adore her so. She holds her own, persues her interests (namely books and cake) and can take down a battalion. Probably just with a glare.

Six. Jasmine- Name a book with a character who challenged the social conventions of their world.
Katsa and Fire from Graceling and Fire by Kristen Cashore. Katsa refuses to marry or to be married off and, even though she is expected to by those around her, she holds firm with her decision and independence. Fire similarly makes choices about herself that ensure her freedom and choices continue to be her own, even if she has certain expectations levelled against her.

Seven. Pocahontas- Name a book whose ending was a roller-coaster of emotions.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix because it got me even when I knew what was going to happen and The ABC Murders by Christie because it was detailed and unexpected and I had been going utterly the wrong way. It was great.

Eight. Mulan- Name a book with a kick-ass female character.
Obviously Celaena and Katsa, but to add someone new to the mix I'm going to throw Kat from Ally Carter's Heist Society. She is a criminal and she knows her mind. She goes solo. She made a decision (add her into number six!) that went against all her teachings, her entire family. She can rob the most highly protected museum in the world, not to mention the biggest bank.

Nine. Tiana- Name a book featuring a hardworking, self-made character.
I'd say Lumikki Andersson from the trilogy by Salla Simukka. She is pretty much a teen detective, but this is on a different level. Think Veronica Mars except she is getting locked in freezers and the whole aspect is a bit darker than V saw in the early seasons. It's intense. It's glorious.

Ten. Rapunzel- Name a book that features an artist.
Hold Me Closer by David Levithan is the musical in a book of Tiny Cooper. He wrote, directed and starred in his own musical. That is art.

Eleven. Merida- Name a book that features a mother-daughter relationship.
Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers. The book is comprised of these notes passed between mother and daughter and it tells such a strong, emotional story. It was really shocking and surprising and beautifully done.

Twelve. Anna and Elsa- Name a book that features a great relationship between siblings.
All the Harry Potter books (the Weasleys!) and Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. The Weasleys stand by each other through thick and thin (well, apart from Percy), and Simon has such a sweet relationship, that is geuine and lovely, with his two sisters. I really love them.

This was great fun, and a more in depth tag than I've done in a while. Like Disney? Like fairytales, tags or princesses? Do it.


  1. The urge to play the Frozen soundtrack is now very strong. Pride and Prejudice is my favorite classic as well, haven't heard of Little Prince but now I will check it out! LOVE Kristen Cashore's books, I hope she keeps writing. I'm a night owl so I'm up to 2 or 3 every night but psychology really interests me as well.

    1. Ahha, I hope you played it and sang loud n' proud, Alise! Trust me, I would have. *nods because this is a truth*

      I love that it's so real, I guess, and I can love it in whatever form- original, BBC mini series, film, LBD. It seems to be one of those stories that just works any way it's translated.
      Oh, I hope you read it (and there's a film being made which looks particularly splendid, so watch the trailer for that, too- loose adaptation, mind). Definitely one of my all time favourites. It's got a whole lot of heart.
      My gosh! My brain would cease to function. I'm more of an early bird, although... I've got to start retraining myself into that routine. xx

  2. Oh, I may have to steal this one... It's so cool! I know the Harry Potter books are definitely good siblings books, and I definitely see what you mean about Graceling as a book. Great picks! But also, definitely stealing....

    1. Isn't it fun? I hope you do do it, Heather- I'd love to see your answers!
      Aah, the siblings in HP. The Weasleys are such a true description of a loving family that doesn't always brim with happiness but does always contain a huge amount of love.

  3. This tag is super cute. I am such a Disney fan :D

    I have only read a few books on this list, which makes me keen to read the others. I have a copy of GRACELING, so I should obviously get on that. I keep hearing AMAZING things about it (and GRAVE MERCY, too. I also have that so YAY books).

    I am the same as you re: reading late. The latest I'll read to is generally 11pm because unless the book NEEDS to be read, I get sleepy and start to nod off when reading. Which is the WORST.

    YAY for Tiny Cooper. Even though I didn't love HOLD ME CLOSER, it's still fabulous because it's a musical :D

    And I love Simon's relationship with his sisters. I love everything about that book, honestly. <3

    Also, I tagged you in my most recent post! :D

    1. Isn't it neat? I really loved how much I had to think about my answers, too, which I haven't had in a tag for a while, at least not to this extent. So fun.

      Oh yay! You obviously need to read Graceling, Chiara- I misnamed my dog after it! You have no reason NOT to read it. I say make it a July must read. *nods emphatically.* Oh, yes! I'm so keen to read Grave Mercy, too. Sounds amazing.

      I do like reading early, though... I have a tendency to fall asleep? So working on my writing early in the morning is best for me. I refuse to allow myself to fall asleep whilst doing that. It would be far too humiliating. You know, I've actually fallen asleep whilst reading and had my hand still holding onto the book. Generally I half wake when they crash to the ground. I need to invest in some good sticky tape.

      Yesyesyes! I'd have loved it if his parents were more of a supportive focus, too, but his sisters were so awesome and supportive and it was glorious. Felt incredibly real.

      AW! Thanks, Chiara! xxx

  4. Awesome tag, Romi! I haven't heard of this tag but, funnily enough, I am commenting to inform you, Strong, Independent Woman, that I tagged you for the Extraordinary Means Tag over at my blog. I hope you have a chance to do it and your answer to number twelve is spot on. The Weasley Twins ROCK!

    -Jordan @Jordan's Jewels

    1. Thank you! I will quote you forever more, Jordan, because you called me strong and independent. AAW. You sure know how to give me a compliment, lovely.
      I will definitely be doing the tag, thanks so much for tagging me! It looks really neat- although I'm going to read the book first, I think, so I should post it sometime in the later half of July. xx

  5. Oh The Little Prince - I really need to read that one. It's such a classic and it's unacceptable that I haven't read it yet. I agree with so many of your choices here - Celaena, Katsa, HP! Unexpected Christie book too - The ABC Murders is such a great mystery, so I'm glad you mentioned it for roller coaster of emotions! I love how Christie played with the reader in that one.

    1. You do! It's so fantastic, and a really quick read, too. I doubt whether it's even over 100 pages. It's a dreammmm *sings*.
      Oh yay! I'm so glad to hear you agree with a bunch of my choices- we have similar tastes! (:
      Oh, is that the one you were going to recommend me? It's so fantastic.

  6. Aww this is possibly the cutest tag ever (and I love that you tagged yourself because you are an independent woman! Hee). I think what I have gathered from your responses is that I really need to read P&P (I have loved a number of adaptations of it but have never read the original thing!) and that if I love Celaena (which I DO!) then I'll love reading about Katsa and the Graceling trilogy in general. Good thing both of those are on my summer tbr!

    1. Ahhaha, it's pretty great, isn't it? But really fantastic, too, because I had to really think about a couple of the questions. Oh yeah! I thought it was pretty great, actually. And it's true. *nods*
      YOU DO! To both of those, they're so wonderful. I hope you manage to read them both during your Summer holidays! I think you'll really appreciate them. I'd love to hear what you think. Kasta and Celaena are similar and yet really quite different. They're my favouritessssss. xx

  7. What a great idea for a tag. I'm an adult and I still love Disney!

    I love Pride and Prejudice, it is such a great story. Celaena is definitely the character I think of when it comes to kick-ass female characters. I have stayed up until 4am reading a book before, a few times actually, but not a lot because it KILLS you the next day.
    I haven't heard of Life on the Refrigerator Door before but it sounds very interesting and I'm going to go on Goodreads now and check it out.

    1. Disney is such an institution. Not sure if you ever really grow out of it!

      Isn't it? I definitely need to do a reread one of these days (which actually translates to years)- it's the first classic for adults that I truly loved, and I think it's fantastic how much I actually hated Darcy, just like Lizzie did.
      Oh it does for me, too. I was a bit of a zombie after my 2AM cram night. Late nights just aren't for me.
      Great to hear, Rochelle! I hope you read it. It's so moving. xx

  8. The thing I love most about rivers is you can't step in the same river twice the river's always changing always floooowing


    1. Lauren, in the kindest way possible: you are quite odd.



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