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Mini reviews (13)


Thanks to Simon and Schuster Australia for this review copy!

I read and reviewed Severed Heads, Broken Hearts last year and it left a less than positive mark on me. I missed the buzz around EM and so when I received a copy in the post I knew nothing about it. And I decided to keep it that way, not reading the blurb or any reviews and just staring at the lovely cover.
And it was interesting, going into it and not having a clue, although I was certainly not swept up.

The protagonist is Lane, a study-aholic who I found rather dull. He breakes up with his girlfriend in the most cliche of ways whilst he's at Lathem House, but it only felt like a huge ball of unnecessary drama and a way for him to fall without restraint for Sadie, the girl he once met at camp and the lady who was dislikable to me from her first appearance. She shares dual POV rights and oh, how her chapters stunned me,
Sadie hates Lane. When they were in camp together he stood up for her and a note was given to her asking if she'd go to the dance with him. She didn't suspect for a moment, when he didn't show- despite the fact her entire cabin bullied her- that maybe it wasn't him. Not then and not years later.
When she first sees him in class she mentally tirades because he's wearing clothes that aren't sweat pants and that is not allowed, I repeat not allowed. Only her group are allowed to keep on prentending they're okay. He's not allowed to put in an effort.

Within, like, a day or two Lane gets so worked up and tired of Sadie's cold manner that he confronts her. Because she just ignored him. Maybe glared. And he can't stand everyone not loving him?

It wasn't a success, for me. Not at all. Drama that was far too overdone, characters who reacted in eye roll worthily ways, cliches. Not for me.

DNFd at 95 pages.

Image credit: Simon and Schuster.

Rat Queens was recommened to me by my friend Glaiza, who reviewed the second volume so convincingly that althought I'd looked at an excerpt previously and thought it wasn't for me, I had little choice but to order a copy from my library.
And yes, it is violent. There is gore. The cussing is something to behold (and so creative!), and I'd definitely recommend it as 16+, but I fell in joyous, enthusiastic and wild love with it.

We have four main characters, the Rat Queens, who go on a quest (or get banned from the city/town for one too many brawls) and nearly get assassinated. They are fiesty, strong willed, angry, foul mouthed and so wildly different from each other, but a pack and behind each other even when they're not. I loved the diversity in race, culture and sexuality that was evident from the beginning, the snippets of backstory and history you're given and/or left to question. It was done so fantastically and I was so in. I am so in.
Volume 2! (Which has been devoured at this point, review to come.)


  1. Aw, I'm sorry Extraordinary Means was a DNF for you. It was hard for me to get through the beginning, too, but it got better as I went on, and I was still very interested in the surrounding topic that had to do with TB and whatnot. Still, I appreciate your opinion, so thank you for sharing.

    1. Ah well, it happens. I gave it a try but it just wasn't for me. It was interesting to see where the plot went, though, certainly. Definitely an interesting take on the future of illnesses, if terrifying. xx

  2. Extraordinary Means does sound difficult with all that silly drama. It's too bad you couldn't get into it! (It was funny to read your description of some of the scenes though! :D) Rat Queens sounds pretty fun, I look forward to your review of the next book!

    1. Yeah, it was quite unfortunate how much it frustrated me. Really got on my nerves. Ah well, I'm glad you found it amusing! Translating my annoyance into amusement is good!
      Thank you, Charlene! Do you think you'll give it a try? xx

  3. Well, poop. I wanted to read Extraordinary Means since a lot of people seem to be going nuts for it. Darn.

    1. Oh no! SORRY, Joy. Maybe you would like it, though? In a way it's probably good, though, you read a negative review. Maybe you'll still try it but it just won't be just how you expected it. xx

  4. Rat Queens!! I need to buy own copies of the graphic novels. I love how fierce and vibrant the crew is too. The back stories are integrated into the plot so it adds character depth and leaves you wanting more instead of slowing down the action. I'm glad it was an unexpected but good surprise read too!

    1. Rat Queens! (This could be a song, seriously. Rat Queens. Rat Queens! RAT QUEENS!) I so do, too. They're just amazing. And yes! Such good backstory, for all the characters but... one, so far. I can't wait until the next volume comes out. Hopefully I'll have the first two on my shelf by then. xx

  5. The cover for Extraordinary Means is very pretty, I can see why it grabbed you. Shame it didn't work out. I think,especially since all the blogging stuff, I really don't want to know what a book is about either. And I will deliberately look for books I don't know anything about except for the cover grabbing me.

    I seem to automatically reject books that are recommended to me because I don't trust it? And I don't want other people telling me what to read? Possibly because a lot of people end up reviewing the same books at the same time (because that's when they're being published) and so I feel like I already read that book.

    But I am very intrigued by this creative swearing. I MUST KNOW MORE!

    1. Isn't it neat? TREE LUNGS. I didn't realise I wanted it until it was before me. It's a peculiar thing to happen, for me, and I suppose it tends to happen more on unsolicited review copies- if I don't already know what it's about, I'm likely to hold off finding out if I've already got a copy and just go into it blank.

      Oh, I understand that, although... unless I already know the book isn't for me, I don't go along with it. There are heaps of people who love books and have such passion for them and if the argument's good enough I'll at least add it to my tbr. Sometimes that's the only way of finding a new favourite.

      I think you'd probably adore Rat Queens. Please try it despite my recommendation! xx


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