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Night Owls by Jenn Bennett...

Publish date- October 2015.
Publisher- Simon and Schuster.
RRP- $19.99 (AUD)

Review time...

(A Brief) Synopsis:
Beatrice draws bodies. Jack draws words. They meet late one night on the Owl bus and slowly spend time together, surprising themselves and each other as their bond strengthens. But there is always more under the surface than one thinks.

Thanks to Simon and Schuster for this review copy!
Image source: Simon and Schuster.

What I thought:
Night Owls, for me, is a read I'm going to try and separate: the first half as one, really enjoyable book, the seocnd as a book I intently disliked. I doubt it'll work, but who knows. It may.

The first half of Night Owls was close on brilliant. Beatrice (whose name I adored, although she did not) was a character different from any I'd seen before. She was quiet and quietly (sneakily, rather) defiant, going out to draw dead bodies for her anatomical studies against her nurse mother's wishes (which seemed based solely on it's not nice for a young girl to do that kind of thing, annoyingly), had a really lovely relationship with her brother, who was devilish and had a boyfriend I would read an epic series about, and then Jack, who is the artist behind graffiti that has been popping mysteriously up all over San Fransisco. Their budding romance was kinda glorious, even if the fact Beatrice got involved when he showed all the signs of being trouble and that seemed to go against her nature.

But then the romance went from budding to full I can't live without you because I love-love you in two weeks. I didn't blame her mother for snorting. Other things I didn't:

-Forgive Beatrice for her behaviour and what she said to her mother
-Comprehend Beatrice's reasoming behind considering giving her awful dad a second chance just because he gave her an expensive, fancy present. No word for 3 years, manipulative behaviour before and after that, d-bag aura- why bother, I ask
-The obsessive turn of the romance. It was very much the world will end when I can't see you; I'll do something drastic if they pull us apart; we're together, the world works once more. They'd known each other less than a month, by this time
-HEAs that are unreasonable for the characters history and all plot lead up. It was very much like bam all problems forever are fixed in an instant
-(Spoiler) Characters who're so bitter when they don't win that, although they still got 2nd, they rant
-Characters who say, in blamey ways, only you knew when, in fact, at least one other person knew

The view of sex- Beatrice has had it before meeting Jack, but he hasn't- is really kind of fantastic, though, and then their sexual relationship. Possibly a little too perfect and fantastic and wonderful, but nice to see.

Rating: Oh noooo.
First half? Great! Super enjoyable, creative, fresh and sweet. The second went steeply and irrevocably downhill. It felt like two plot lines that were edited and came together in a way that made the characters act one way in the beginning and do a complete flip halfway through.


  1. Aw, it's too bad this was so oddly put together - the premise sounds really great, but it's unfortunate the second half goes downhill. And the second half is the most important part! :D I'm glad you were able to distinguish the too though and give the book some credit!

    1. I knew nothing, really, about this when I stepped in to it, although the premise probably wouldn't have drawn me in. Contempoary rarely hits the spot for me. Yup! The second half was really important! And so many fo the things I disliked were "big" things, so it made it hard to move along or come to terms with them.

  2. Oh man. I'm so sad you didn't outright love this book (like I did). This book is one of the best book I've read in like, ever. Sigh.

    1. Oh, really? Well that's fantastic! Your review WAS stellar. But hey, we can't love them all. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, Joy. xx

  3. Hmmm, I am not entirely 100% sure on whether or not I will pick this one up. I think it has aspects that I would like - like the art, and the sexual relationship between the characters - and aspects I wouldn't like (which are the things you mentioned. I mean .. a fancy present to buy your daughter's love... and it WORKS? What the heck?).

    I did actually pass on the opportunity to review this one, and for a while I was wondering if that was the right thing to do, but this review has put me at ease. Maybe I'll pick it up one day, but for now I think this one is a no-go for me.

    Lovely review, my dear <3

    1. Uh-huh. Definitely. I was surprised that I enjoyed that first part so much, because contemporary and I... don't gell often, and the premise probably wouldn't have caught my attention overly. The things I liked were mostly things you discovered only after deciding to read.

      That factor annoyed me so, so much. I mean, how unrealistic. I have really strongly linked feelings about this issue and it just riles me to no end that she accepted it.

      Thank you, lovely. xx

  4. I have seen a lot of people loving this book but it seems like you could only enjoy the half of it. I am going to be reading this one soon enough but it only comes out in November in Britain so I shall be reviewing it around then, and reading it too. I hope I can like it! It seems like some things are portrayed so well and the romance is wonderful in flirting stage, but as things progress it turned sour for you...

    1. Yup, definitely only half won with me, unfortunately. I do hope you have a slightly better experience- people do, generally, seem to be enjoying it. I'll be interested to see what you think about it!

  5. Oh no! I've been hearing so many awesome things about the characters so I am so sad to see that you did not enjoy the book in its entirety. Your review makes me a little nervous because I think I would also be bothered by Beatrice's lack of logic and the obsessive romance. I hope I'll end up enjoying it more than you did despite it all. Thanks for the honest review!

    Aentee at Read at Midnight

    1. Ah well, I suppose there're always some who don't love 'em, and I do seem to be one of the few who had issues with this, Aentee- most everyone else seems to *love* it. I hope you'll enjoy it more than I did, too, although if you don't- it still makes for good discussion. xx

  6. First time I read about this book, and it's not a really good thing, oh wow. I don't really do contemporary, but sometimes I give it a try, you know, just to try something new and try to "expand my horizons". But let me tell you, Romi, I don't think this one is going to that magical list of "give-it-a-try"! Also, completely loved that you kind of divided the book in half-good and half-bad. I really, really hate it when books start as one-of-the-best-things-ever to just end up as a big "WHAT THE HECK?!". Actually, now that I think about it, I haven't felt that in months, but I know it's horrible so ahhh.

    Anyway, great review, Romi!

    ~L. @ Reading Against Time

    1. Oh no! I hope I haven't turned you off completely, if you'd been planning to read it? Contemporary isn't usually my thing, either- I can really enjoy it, but most of the time it just doesn't *do* anything for me, so I guess we're similar there.
      Definitely. I was hoping to be able to at least remember the good stuff, but I'm pretty annoyed with how it turned out and I can't seem to separate the two halves as well as I'd hoped. ):


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