Saturday, September 12, 2015

Want to read some of my writing? The 777 tag!

The ever glorious Chiara tagged me in the 777 writing tag, first sharing a snippet of her incredible sounding WIP that makes me want all the pages now.
I'm incredibly excited about this tag because for the past three years I've been teasing, suggesting and working on a book I wrote called AVT, which s a shortening for it's real name- I even just put up a small synopsis of it (and many other works I've written) here, and shared my editing process here!- and it's about time I actually shared some content, even if it's only a small amount. Basically you go to page 7, line 7, and share the following 7 lines. Chiara cheated, so I see it as perfectly fine that I'm going to, too. I'm sharing 8 lines. Rebel, Rebel.

So. Ahm. Enjoy? #internallyscreaming

‘Idiot,’ the man across from [NAME] hisses, brushing his own hood back. It’s impossible to take him in with anything less than admiration. Although he’s sitting there is a sense of regality about him, even with the fact he’s at least eighty and has disposed of more royals than any self respecting monarchy would know what to do with. The wrinkles covering his skin only make him seem the more fierce, and his faint smile? It’s sent more than one to the end.

‘Shall I retrieve the body, [NAME]?’

‘No point,’ he says with a sigh. ‘What of the trainees?’

‘I left them.’

I feel like I shoud have a sidenote on the fact I'm amused by the idiot comment because It. Is. So. Tame.
And now I've shared my decade's quota of writing!

Obviously you shouldn't take my writing and claim it as your own. It'd make me very grumpy, crankly and overall fiesty. Please respect that the words that my brain spills are my own and I'd like, rather a lot, to keep them my own.


  1. This is such a nice tag! Ah, completely loved what you shared, even if it was little, it sounds sooo good and interesting! Now I am intrigued!

    Great job. Romi!

    ~L. @ Reading Against Time~

    1. Isn't it? I'd seen it floating around for a while and was pretty excited by the idea, but didn't think I'd do it on my own stead- sharing my writing scares me! But since I was tagged I had NO choice! *laughs*

      AAH! Thank you so much, Lili! I'm going all gooey at your words. xx

  2. Shall I retrieve the body?!?!? CONSIDER ME 10000% INTRIGUED. XD I get endlessly nervous sharing my writing too, these days. o.O I feel like I was almost more free about it years ago when it sucked so much. And now I feel like I'm improving, but I want to hide it?! GAH. MY BRAIN IS WEIRD.

    1. Oh Cait, you flatter me endlessly. I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR I'VE INTRIGUED YOU. *calms self haplessly and ineffectively*

      Yup. I was a lot more able to share my writing and details of it on my blog and with other people than I am now. Now I'm just a ball of terror being batted around my a kitten called Furby who has razor sharp teeth.
      We're writers. Our brains ARE weird. xx

  3. This is a very short snippet! It left me wanting more! But from what I can see I actually really like your writing style (talking about the first paragraph here) and well, there is a dead body! Of course my interest has been caught now :D

    1. I guess it is! But it's also seven lines, and a couple of them are dialouge- so I win! My secrecy on my writing is still intact. *nods happily* Oh, well thank you so much! I'm very happy to hear, from this snippet alone, you're interested and enjoy my work.

      Mwhahah! I imagine myself shrouded in mystery for all I'm doing now. xx

  4. WHATTTT EVEN WITH THIS SNIPPET. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEE. I really (REALLY) hope that this is the WIP you are swapping with me in the near future, because I am thoroughly intrigued. A body! An idiot! A creepy old man! I want. Now. Please <3

    1. CHIARA THIS IS THE BEST THING YOU COULD HAVE WRITTEN. I cannot even bother to tell myself to calm down, because SERIOUSLY. You always say the best things. This IS the WIP I'm going to be handing you in a couple days. I'm gonna go all out and email you NOW.
      A murder! Screeching children! Sarcastic villains! You're going to get all of it. xxx


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