Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Writer's Life for Me + OTHER TAGS and SHOUTING.

I am certainly not the queen of the tags. No one so lazy about doing tags as I could win that title, but I'm probably... the jester of tags. Or maybe the creepy butler. I don't know. I'm someone in the palace, probably hanging around corners being all creepy and I should stop now.

The lovely Alyssa of The Devil Orders Takeout was kind enough to tag me in A Writers Life for Me and Secret Life of a Book Blogger tags, and I'm nothing if inefficient. So let's go and hopefully not break many things along the way.

First, let's talk about writing.

1. What Kind of a Writer are you? One that writes. *accepts applause* I... actually don't have a better answer for that. NEXT QUESTION.
2. When did you start writing? What made you want to do it? When I was about twelve. I was at the beginning of a spiel of depression that would last until I was about 16 and it was an escape. A way into a better place with people who were better for me than the ones I had become surrounded by. Also: who doesn't want to write stories in which they cameo as magical fairy princesses. Because I did.
3. What inspires your stories? Myself. My imagination and experiences. My wishes and hopes and fears and dreams.
4. What themes do you like to explore in your writing? Things that make me happy and sad. Pushing characters to the limit. Death and hope.
5. Are you a panster or a plotter or a bit of both? I definitely have always been a panster, but... at the moment I'm kinda in plotter mode? Which is weird and exciting and I quite like it.
6. Where are you at in your journey? (Querying, agented, published.) I'm at the writing, editing, sharing, planning stage.
7. Have you ever entered any writing contests? YUP. SURE HAVE. I haven't won any, but I tend to consider any experience good experience. Unless it's shit experience and then I don't think that at all.
8. Who are your writer heroes? Catherynne M. Valente, because she can write about a place I feel desperately at home in every moment. In blog land I look up to Alyssa, for her wildly gorgeous creations, Chiara for her passion and the fact she has all of the skills, and Cait for sharing her wonderous snippets and making me want to share, too, even though it's scary.
9. Have you been to a writer conference? Nup. I've wanted to, but haven't ever been to one.
10. Three tips you'd give to newbie writers: Write. Believe in yourself. Set goals.

And if you've still not had enough of me, let's continue! LET US ALL LEARN ABOUT MY SECRET LIFE.
The secret? It. Doesn't. Exist. I've really wowed you now.
This is the quickfire round, btw. It involves excessive shouting.

1. How Long Have You Been a Blogger? FIVE YEARS.
2. At which point do you think you'll stop blogging? WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK THAT.
3. What is the best thing about the community? IT'S SPIRIT.
4. What is the worst thing? And what do you do to make it okay? Well we're a giant pot of people with different beliefs and values, and we can clash. I try to be honest.
5. How long does it take you to create/find pictures to use? ABOUT TWO MINUTES BECAUSE I GO TO THE PUBLISHERS SITES AND DON'T USE GIFS.
6. Who is your book crush? KAMI GLASS.
7. Which author would you like to have on your blog? CATHERYNNE M. VALENTE AND SARAH J. MAAS.
8. What do you wear when you write your blog posts? CLOTHES. WHAT DO YOU WEAR no don't tell me please I didn't mean it.
9. How long does it take for you to prepare? Ah... what? I have SET DAYS. I'M ALWAYS PREPARED.
10. How do you feel about the book blogger community? IT'S LOVELY.

I'm going to tag people, for once. I'm tagging Chiara, Glaiza, Val and Lili. xx


  1. Ooh fun questions! Reading answers that pertain to both sides of your online presence was great! I don't know much about the writing life, so I think I got more out of that. I find it so interesting that you've become more of a plotter right now - it seems like pantser vs plotter takes such a different mindset, so your writing is perhaps changing up too?

    I hope you'll get to go to a writing conference someday - I feel like I want to go and talk with enthusiastic writers even though I don't write. :D

    1. They are, aren't they? I enjoyed the quickfire round a lot. Uh-huh, there definitely seems to be quite a different style and thought process between pansters vs. plotters, although... whilst I know my writing style and thoughts and all that ARE changing, this, I feel, was more of a rare occasion. I am the personality of a plotter, funnily enough, but I do get pretty stilted when I consider outlining a whole book or whatever. I do it, partially, in my head, though.

  2. I love these answers, and a) thank you for the nomination <3 I will try and not be a terrible tag completing person (which I actually am because I don't try and ... not be), b) I AM A WRITER HERO FOR YOU WHAT EVEN WITH THAT PRAISE, YOU ARE MY LITERAL FAVOURITE. LITERALLY <3

    Also, high five for never winning writing competitions! And still trying anyway. We won't be beaten, dammit.

    I won't share anything else, because I have to answer these questions, but I loved yours. Especially about writing to escape because that's true and beautiful <3

    1. Glad to hear it! I hope you do do this, because it was SUPER fun. See, in the end? With that kinda reaction? I still come out winning because IT IS SO NICE.

      High fives all round! WE SHALL STRIVE ON. Probably. I dunno, maybe?

      YAY! Basically, that is what your comment equals. YAY. Also: thank you. It's always tough for me to write about that part of my life, but I want to share it here, too, and it's the truth. Writing became something for me to cling onto like crazy when everything else felt like (and in some cases actually was) it was falling apart. xx

  3. Awww. :') Sharing snippets IS SO SCARY. But mostly worth it, right?!! *hugs you* Zomg, plotting is SO FUN THOUGH. I can write mega-fast when I've plotted everything out because I know exactly what's going down. *nods* I did used to be a panster though. And those books were horrible. XD

    1. UH-huh. It was terrifying, when I first did for 777, but incredibly worth it. And terribly exciting. I like seeing how plotting works for some people, and how it totally doesn't for others! I'm definitely more of a panster, although it riles against my personality, which is hilarious. I do actually tend to plot elements in my head as I go, though, which is interesting. I am a mutant of the two. *nods* Haha, one day you've got to share your panster books! xx

  4. YAAY, TAGS! Wow, not just one, but two, FUN! Loved your answers! Laughed a lot and agreed with them! LOVED the writers tag and your answers, I feel you in so many ways!

    Anyway, thank you so much for tagging me, and watch out for my random answers *insert coming soon voice here*! x

    ~L. @ Reading Against Time

    1. Haha, I'm super happy you think this was fun, Lili! I enjoyed your post a lot, too, and am very glad you did it! Aah. These were fun tags, for sure. xx

  5. I am so lazy when it comes to doing tags. I do take note of them all in an email draft but I bet the oldest one is from last year. I recently did one but I rushed to do it because it had something to do with the season which made it feel like it had a deadline xD Anyway, I do love this tag! I am glad that bout of depression you experienced is over, but yes, writing can be so good to escape into and a way of getting those feelings out. If anything, I am glad it was able to do that for you. And whoa, blogging for five years is such a long time DD: I can only hope to last that long in this blogsphere as well ^^

    1. I tend to be proactive all at once, and then... not.
      Writing is such a help. You can create people who support you and understand you and go through the same things as you're going through, and even though I had support, I didn't really access it. I wrote instead.
      It is! Here's hoping for 5 years! xx

  6. Love this tag. I'm used to reading reading tags and while those are fun, it's a nice change to read one about writing. I'm not a writer, but I agree: Chiara is so awesome. I can't wait for her stories to become books so I can read them ^__^

    Oh, and you asked for it: I wear...PYJAMAS. *runs away*

    1. It's nice to be making the decision to focus on featuring my writing, too. And whenever a blogger talks about their own writing, it's always particularly fun! I enjoy those posts, reading and writing both. Ahha, we should make a plaque for Chiara's awesome!


  7. I love reading answers to tags! I shall endeavour to answer to share some words too <3. *Joins the Catherynne Valente fangirling.*

    1. It's fun, isn't it? Writing this one was one of the more enjoyable ones I've done, though. I feel like I always open up a little more each time.
      CATHERYNNE M. VALENTEEEEEE. *endless fangirling*


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