Monday, October 19, 2015

Perceivable Intensities (2)

Okay, so today I’m going to be curating and sharing a little playlist. I used to make playlists that fit my books, but... well actually I just made over the one playlist for the one book about three times over a couple of years, but still. IT COUNTS. It does. *nods* Anyhow, I haven’t made one in about two, three years, so it’s about time I did. And with my editing of Ashes, Ashes coming along nicely (although when you decide to cut a whole dramatic romance from the arc it makes for a lot of cutting, eyebrow quirks at the dramaaaaa and whole scenes aplenty to rewrite) I thought I’d prepare myself to launch back in by making a playlist. Hopefully it’ll either a. give you a unique feel to the story or b. make you want to sign up to WattPad and follow me immediately because you know whatever I release in December is going to be sodding amazing.
Either of those options would be perfectly acceptable.
Also: no affiliation between me and any of these artists. I just think their music makes sense in a world I made up one time and wanted to share the fact.

Allison. Ghost Ingrid Michaelson.
It’s not so clearly cut as the song makes it, but there’s a really good sense of the past and the things the Allison has become of things that happened to her in this.
Also: Hackensack Fountains of Wayne makes for the kind of song that wouldn’t only play throughout the novel, but is a nice representation of Allison’s childhood self talking to her older self.

Allison and Sim. Another Love- Tom Odell.
Basically, this is a better representation of these two than I realised when I considered it. It’s actually giving me all kinds of feels for 1:57-2:13. #sobbing

Walter. I believe- Christina Perri
Walter is a giant softie. He’s... very close *squints* to Allison in a paternal-but-not sense, and isn’t necessarily pleased with her choice to join the, ah, giant corperation he runs that trains people into becoming secret agents. He understands the levels there are to Allison that she can’t even see.

Our villains. Crazy- the Melanie Martinez version.
I like playing around with my villains, and although these ones I do dislike for their villany, there are still questions that get raised. And some of them are a little out of it, too. Crazy on power. On loss. All of it.

The hunting of our villains. Seven Nation Army- the Melanie Martinez version.
Some people go against the rules. Bad move. 'nuff said.

An *event*. Candles- Daughter.
There’s something that happens. It is intense and full of lies. Each party knows more and less than they realise.

Overall. Suspicious Minds- Elvis Presley.
Because hey, they’re secret agents. They trust no one.

BONUS ROUND. New Ceremony- Dry the River.
This also relates to something. Heh.

Hopefully this makes sense to anyone but me. At least a little. OR IT WILL.


  1. That Elvis Presley song is really the only one of his I like. It stands the test of time.

    1. Oooh, I adore Falling in Love. It's my standout favourite.

  2. Oh I would love to listen to these songs while I read your book. *wink, wink*

    1. YOU SHOULD. Coming online in December! *winks*

  3. I've only listened to a few of these songs, and if they're wonderful enough to be on your bookish playlist, then I NEED TO GO AND LISTEN TO ALL THE OTHERS ASAP. I will also attempt to listen to these songs as I read your book, because that is a beyond fabulous thing to do. I cannot wait until you start posting in December!! <3

    1. YES YOU DOOOOOOO. Also: aahh! Your whole comment, Chiara, makes me happy and excited. I'm so excited you're excited and you're planning on reading it *flails off everything*

  4. Playlists fascinate me because I usually write to instrumental music or silence but I love how much fun you're having with character-based ones! I adore Daughter's music. Candle is one of my favourites too.

    1. Yup. I used to write in utter silence, but then I just... stopped with that. And now I do occasionally write in silence, but I tend to write faster and enjoy it more when I have music playing.
      Aah, isn't it gorgeous? And Candle is just... divine.

  5. The only song I know that you mentioned was the Christina Perri one, I Believe! I am definitely going to flutter off and listen to these as I read the rest of your blog posts now. But I love the idea of having a playlist for you book ^^ I might do that for my Nano novel as well. Are you nano-ing? If so, my username is oliviaroach1 and we should buddy up :D

    1. Ooh, well I hope you enjoyed listening to them! I really love Christina Perri's music. *sighs* I was really happy to find that one felt suited to a character.
      Unfortunately I've decided to pass up on NaNo this year, but best of luck to you! xx


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