Sunday, November 1, 2015

Perceivable Intensities (4)

Okay, so what do you know about Ashes, Ashes? If you've read the past three editions of this feature, you'll know it has a secret spy (possibly an agency of secret spies), snark between two characters, one of them being the MC and another... of unknown situation, it's got some guy called Walter in it and the songs I align with it are not all upbeat Elvis tunes. In fact, there's only one of them. The rest have a slightly darker, more haunted feel.

Because these characters? They're haunted as all heck.

Here are ten other things you might not know about Ashes, Ashes:

I wrote it after a dream/nightmare (yeah, really it was more of a nightmare that I manipulated) that was kind-of inspired by my love for Veronica Mars?

Our MC, Allison, doesn't just have one villain to do some kind of fabulous take down on. She's got a whole family. With cousins and uncles and everything.

They hate her, this clan of villany. And she hates them just as much.
Because of reasons.

There was a romance in my first draft! There were actually two! One was hate-hate-love! and one was scowl-intrigue-love. They mostly got cut.

But there is romance. At this point. I still have... four weeks to cut it out, so bear with.

As part of my editing, I cut 25K from the story. It currently stands at just over 50K, so I still won the Camp NaNo I wrote it in.

I've changed one character name three times. He went from something to something and now he's Simikion!

I can't remember why I wrote Allison's name with two ells. There was probably some significance to that choice.

There is a fond mention (and a fairly lengthy one)- perhaps we'll call it an ode- to pastry in this novel.

Allison gets heartily bloodied up. And a haircut.

whisper!BAM! Romi out.


  1. Yaaay! More things to know about your story! I can't wait for you to share more and more with us! I'm sooo intrigued and interested! Can't wait for you to get it on Wattpad ('cause if I'm not that crazy, I swear I read you'd upload it there, right?). Anyways, great post, it's good to know little details and facts about the story and how you've dealt with it!

    P.S. Guess who just got a Wattpad account just so she can follow you and party later! x

    ~L. @ Reading Against Time ♥

    1. I'm really excited that you're excited! That makes me very happy! And aah! I'm really, really, really thrilled that you made an account just to follow me! That means the world, seriously. Thank you so much for your support, Lili. xx

  2. Replies
    1. Yay! That's what I like to hear! xx

  3. Oh, a family of villains sounds awesome! OMG I can't imagine cutting 25k. I mean I'm sure you had a good reason, but that's so much work. xD Pastry sounds awesome and blood - well that just makes any story better, doesn't it? :D

    1. A WHOLE FAMILY OF THEM. It excites me! It was definitely necessary, though- a heck of a lot of drama that made me squint uneasily and roll my eyes. I'm doing my edit-read through now, though, and have already added another 3k, so... I'm not saying it's going to get right back up there, but it is coming up again!
      Pastry and Blood. I should retitle it. xx

  4. Ooh this little infos are driving me crazy. But whoa. Cutting 25k couldn't have been easy. I had to cut the first three pages of my novel for the sake of it, but doing more than that would've been very hard. I like the sound of her having a family to take down as well. That's different from the usual!

    1. That's great to hear! It was actually really easy, because it was necessary for me. I used to have such an issue with cutting, though. These days not so much, interestingly.
      Yup! A whole family! It should (I hope!) make things interesting. xx

  5. This is such a fun run down of whims and changes. I adore Veronica Mars. Films & books have also given me the strangest dreams. I can sort of see what I might change or cut in my Nanowrimo WIP but for now, I'm just going along for the first draft ride. I am enjoying the drafting process but I'll also enjoy being able to let my inner editor out afterwards lol.

    1. Ahha, yay! I'm really happy you think so, Glaiza!
      It was such a weird dream... and one of my favourites was the bad guy in it! *laughs* Yes! I think I thought that a lot when I wrote this one, but I jsut went with it. It was good to cut back and actually know I can bring it forward to be read, which I never imagined I'd do, but... that 25k was completely unnecessary. xx

  6. Wonderful sneak peek at this story!! I hope when you do publish it, you'll give all the background on how you came to write it - like what that dream was all about! And big AWW that you cut so much of the romance out - I'm sure if you do leave a little bit in (just a taster to get people going :D) it will be because it's at it's most awesome. :) Obviously I go straight to exclaiming over the romance, but a whole family of villains has to be the best drama catalyst! Really looking forward to learning more!

    1. Thank you, Charlene! Haha, well *shrugs* it was a pretty weird dream. My dreams are so dark and creepy a lot of the time, so generally I'd be adverse to sharing. Although this one was... definitely with it's elements of amusement. I do still have romantic elements, but not instalove and confusion and the weird hate thing I had going on earlier. Rest assured it's not all gone!

      I can't wait for people to meet my family of villains! They're... intense. xx

  7. I love learning little tidbits about this story! It's definitely piquing my interest more and more, for sure.


    1. I'm really happy to hear that, Chiara! It's so fun to be sharing them and coming up with new things to do.

      I KEPT A LITTLE. Just a little. But even romantics like yourself, I'm sure, would have disliked the whole weird thing I had written originally. I toned it down like, 500%. But there is still a smidgeon. xx


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