Monday, November 9, 2015

Perceivable Intensities (5)

It's only... a couple weeks (who knows. Me, because I just counted. Three and a bit) until I begin posting Ashes, Ashes to WattPad and now I kind of wish I hadn't just found that out, because I only did one day of work on it this week (seeing as I'm writing this on Saturday and have big plans), but it's also a good impetus to get working. I've drifted in and out of many mood stages with this one, and although it's not really unexpected that at one point or another I'll feel negatively towards my work or the amout of work left to do, it did take a while to come knocking.
I'd say I'm about a quarter of the way through my read-through, which is good because it means I'm not still full on editing- although if you remember my editing process post, it kinda does.

Anyhow, this week I'm going to be sharing ten things that are not to be found in Ashes, Ashes*.


A dystopian wasteland.

A fantasy world (apart from the fact that it certainly isn't non-fiction).

Spaceships. (We have crumbly, teeny tiny planes instead. With bad upholstery.)

Poisoned blades.

Accidental stabbing!

Nice bed linen.

Cute/cuddly animals. Although there is a horse. It's probably a biter.

Much walking. (These agent types tend to run. Everywhere. It's like a non-stop exercise class.)

Reading for pleasure.

Dark clouds of ominous intent.

Now, possibly I subscribe to the saying that all writers are liars. Because one of these, it definitely features. And I want to know, which one do you think/want/dream it would be? Whoever gets it right can totally instruct me on what to share next week. *Sits, serenely, listening to the sound of crickets*

*Of course, it's all possible still. I'm in the process of editing- ahh, reading through- and anything can happen. Who wouldn't want some pirates?


  1. Hmm. . .this is a though one, Romi! I'd go with Dinosaurs, but how would a dinosaur run around the city? Hmm. . .I'll go with accidental stabbing, because stabbing people or things on your stories is fun! Jk, maybe not because of that, but I'm still going with that one! Anyways, great post! Now you have me wondering if we're gonna see some spaceships around Ashes Ashes after you finish your editing process. . .hmm. . .

    ~L. @ Reading Against Time ♥

    1. I mean, it's kinda sci-fi, so it could totally happen, but... it's not dinosaurs. I got coerced into writing a dinosaur scene AFTER this post, but it's not dinosaurs. Or accidental stabbing! (That... got pulled from my first draft.*laughs* So it was there at one point!) Good guessing, it was fun to see what you imagined! xx


    Although, to be honest, dinosaurs would be epic. What if, when doing all their running, your characters stumble into a MUSEUM where there are DINOSAUR BONES, which totally count as dinosaurs. Which you should 100% write in there, just for me, and my love of dinosaurs.

    Eep, three weeks and a bit! You can do this <3

    1. That's probably a permanent fixture in all my work. *laughs* But... actually no. Maybe that's just a fixture in my emails!

      YOU MADE ME WRITE DINOSAURS. Coercer. I basically took your dinosaur, running, museum suggestion as inspiration. So that happens. In there, just for you. No idea what chapter it's gonna be in yet, but eh. At some point you'll be able to read the whole thing!
      SCREAMING. Thank you, lovely. xx

  3. No dinosaurs?!? Aww come on! Surely you can slip one in there... maybe one day there will be a craze for books that feature my favourite extinct group of animals :p So that's the one I hope is actually part of your book, though I'm doubtful. Actually, all of those things sound cool. I'm going to say that the lie is dark clouds of ominous intent :) No matter what though, the fact that you will soon unleash your work into the world is exciting! I'm not at all a writer, but I am so impressed with what I know about this piece so far. Congrats and keep it up!!

    1. There weren't any, but after your and Chiara's comment... I added a little dinosaur-ey something. So it's actually in there now, which is hilarious and awesome. I had so much fun writing that scene!
      Unfortunately, dark clouds of omninous intent aren't a feature. I mean... there's certainly dark clouds, and tracking down a family of villany means there's omninous intent, but... the two don't really come together.
      AAH! Thank you so, so much, Aylee! xx

  4. Aww no cuddle animals, I love animals. With this list of what isn't in your book I am now wondering what kind of book you are writing. Good luck with the writing!

    1. Nup. No cute animals. Only the horse. *laughs* Ah well, maybe next time. My other WIP does have a sweet, weird bird in it!
      I hope you'll check it out on WattPad in December when I start publishing, Lola! xx

  5. "Although there is a horse. It's probably a biter." LOL

    This is tough... maybe accidental stabbing? Romiiiiiii I'm so excited for this, can't wait!

    1. Aah, love for the biter horse! It's pretty sweet, but... nippy. And bucky.

      Nup! Accidental stabbing came around in the first draft, but got removed during my editing. I think my characters are too vicious for anything but intentional stabbing.
      THANK YOU SO MUCH! Aah, that means a ton to me, Alise. xx

  6. Dinosaurs slowly walking along a dystopian wasteland... while stabbing people with poisoned blades who are reading for pleasure on nice, clean linens with tiny, fuzzy puppies under the ominous clouds provided by the spaceship descending over the magical kingdom of BlahBlah. Do I win?? I think I win :) And even if not, look, you have a new premise for a book at the ready :D Good luck with the editing (I mean, non-editing hahah)!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. You... you don't win, Shannon (unfortunately, because that was epic), but you do have wonderful ideas! That sounds like a bizarre, weird, awesome story! I totally want dinosaurs walking along a dystopian wasteland now. I WANT IT.
      Thanks, Shannon! I'm nearly done! xx

  7. Oooh tricky. I'm gonna go with... poisoned blades! Although accidental stabbing would be fun too. I mean not to the person being stabbed, but I'D certainly enjoy reading about it. :D

    1. You totally win! It IS poisoned blades, yes! The accidental stabbing, unfortunately, got cut in the editing process. You still have your poisoned blades to hold onto, though! xx


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