Monday, November 16, 2015

Perceivable Intensities (6)

It's that time of year when I end up posting either most days, or fewer days than intended. My blogversary is coming up (5 years! *fistpump*) in four days and I was going to have a celebration, because parties are fun and I have lots of review copies I'd like to giveaway, but... christmas shopping. That and postage prices makes it unlikely.
I've only got a couple more weeks before I go onto my third yearly hiatus until february, though, although I'll still be online irregularly- I'll have WattPad posting to do, work rostering to check, that kind of thing. No IG or blogging, though, so don't expect to see me around much, come December!

After the list of things you won't be finding in Ashes, Ashes last week, Vlora set me the task of sharing a particular range of snippets after she correctly guessed that you actually will find poisoned blades in the story. Although after some persuasive commenting, there are also dionsaurs. *shrugs*
So, without further ado, here are some more snippets!

1. Something funny.

" guy did actually try to make a gift of a knife to me, which was pretty nice.’
‘He tried to stab you?’ Pepper squeaks, like she can hardly believe it.
‘Not quite,’ a girl Allison thinks she recognises from her languages classes says, stopping as she walks past. ‘He gifted it to her- pretty nice one, too, wasn’t it?’ Allison nods. It had been very nice, gilt and ivory and all the best things. ‘Apparently he'd had a bet on with the homophobe’s mother. She thought his behaviour was just mumps or something.’

‘We should have employed that man,’ Allison muses serenely."

2. Something dangerous.

"‘So,’ --- says, striding closer as the blades hover just centimeters from Allison’s eyes. ‘What was it I heard dad tried to rid you of?’ She raises her eyebrows expectantly and tuts when Allison doesn’t answer, gun held frozen in place, knives obscuring her vision. ‘Oh come on, Allison, it’ll only cut out your eyes if you’re not quick enough.’"

3. Something angsty.

‘It’s not that I... I didn’t realise you disliked me that much or else I-’
‘I can’t stand you.’ She puts down the paper, crossing her arms on the hard gloss of the table. ‘Not in a working environment. And I can’t stand the fact that I’ve just kept on putting up with you.’
‘But Allison, we’re the best.’

‘And so we’ll split before we become too notorious, latch on to two new people and make them the best with us.’ She shrugs, as if it could ever be so easy as that."

4. Something action-y.

Her face drops all expression as she flows into motion, limbs moving to her exact determination and not a milimetre less. She kicks out sharply, her dirty black boot catching ---(male)--- neatly to the neck, sending him crashing into the control panel and initiating a sickening descent for the plane; she goes low, elbow darting into the woman’s exposed flank with delicious intent. ---(female)--- cries out, growling as she hunkers down, clutching the side that will soon be bruising magnificently and still taking the time to throw her fist out. It’s weak and Allison really only has to sidestep, walking over to where ---(male)--- is still unconsciously sending the plane into a perilous descent and pushing him to the floor with a shake of her head.

5. Wild card. (I chose something that might be quote worthy.)

‘And perhaps they’ll ruin me, just not today.’

Funnily enough all but... one of these are relatively close to the beginning. Either that means there's a lot of action, quotes, angst, amusement and danger throughout and I didn't want to spoil, or it's all in the first twenty pages. *shrugs*
Finally, I've got a problem. One of my characters is having name issues. I've given him three different names and nothing I can think of, and none of those ideas, fits at all- suggestions? He is around 20 and has a little brother called Tommy. They're of Irish descent. HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT.
I'll put my three favourites into a poll and have it up for votes next week!

*These snippets from part of Ashes, Ashes, my original work that's soon to appear on WattPad. Don't steal them. Don't. I'd be really, really, really cross. All rights and copyright reserved.*


  1. I can't believe your break is coming up so quickly!! I'll miss reading your blog. I have been reading so much finally. I don't need a break from blogging I need a break from TV. I have been catching up on so many shows it's crazy.

    1. Uh-huh! It's nearly time! Only a couple more weeks. It will be different this time, since I'll still be online about once a week, but again I'll not be blogging. I'm mostly on for work purposes. A TV break sounds like a good idea! I need a break from whatever it is that's causing my reading to be slow. x

  2. Loving these excerpts! You really do have a way with words and you have made me so interested in your novel! I think my favourite two had to be the dangerous and the action one. I love my fighting and action in stories so of course I was naturally drawn to those two!

    1. Aaw, thank you! That's really lovely of you (and exciting for me!). I'm really happy you also had two favourites! Those two scenes are fairly intense, especially the danger-y one. That was so fun to write and edit! xx

  3. 5 yearh blogoversary?!?! OH MY!! Happy early blogoversary Romi (knowing me and my erratic blogging schedule, I'll miss it so I'm here to say it now :D)!!! It's crazy to think that you've been blogging for half a decade, but I'm so glad to have met you on the way as well.

    Love the excerpts! Hmm the only Irish name I can think of is Fintan (my friend) haha. I think that's pretty Irish?

    1. WOO! And it's tomorrow. *sings* I'm pretty excited, I have to say. It's not seemed like that long a time, but it's also seemed like years and years. It's so good to be able to acknowledge it. And half a decade. Golly. I hadn't even thought of it like that.

      OOH. I love that name! Definitely in the running! xx

  4. Wow, five years; that's amazing! And YAY SNIPPETS. I love your wild card! A scheduled yearly blogging break probably isn't the worst idea. I always just disappear for two weeks when I feel like it, but the guilt nags at me, so I should probably rethink my policy. Good luck with posting your book to Wattpad! :)

    1. *Fist bump* It's been a while, huh?
      AAW! I wasn't sure what I was gonna do for the wild card, but I have a passion for quotes so it seemed like a nice idea. I'm so happy you liked it! THANK YOU SO MUCH.xx

  5. Bravo! Your novel is coming along nicely! You are so talented. Can't wait to read more. :)

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Aaw, thanks Joy. You're lovely. xx

  6. ROMI FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING, YOU BETTER STILL BE EMAILING. Even though I am *shit* at emailing, and have yet to respond to you. BUT I AM GOING TO, which is the important thing. But the point: don't leave meeeeeee.

    I love the snippets, especially the last one. 100% quote worthy, if you ask me. It can be the quote of the book, the one everyone flails over. I can sense it.

    Oooo, names are such tricky things. I cannot even start WRITING if the names don't feel right. I am very picky.

    If they're from Irish descent ... hmm ... is it lame my first thought was Patrick? HAHA. Although I do like the name, but not "Pat" as a nickname. It irks me. For some reason Finn is coming to mind, which is A NAME I LOVE. Michael is nice, too. OH SO MANY CHOICES. Good luck! <3

    1. You're right. That *is* the important thing. I'll be going on once a week and checking my emails for rosters anyway, so... maybe I'll email you. Maybe. (I will. I have little restraint when people plead.)

      Dawww. You'll have me blushing. But thank you so much- your enthusiasm and positivity and encouragement, it all means so much to me. And you leave the bestest comments of ever. Also: YAY! It'd be pretty neat if that was the book's main quote.
      Well he's a background character, of sorts, but obviously I couldn't leave him with a question mark or anything. I have changed... two main character names from my original draft, though, and one has been through, like, three changes? I couldn't settle on anything for ages, although now I've got it and love it endlessly. Thank you for your suggestions! I really like Finn, that's awesome, and... it's not a name you recommended, but "irks" keeps catching my eye and I'm considering making that a name. I COULD TURN IT INTO SOMETHING. Pretty, interesting words do strange things to my mind, apparently. *shrugs* xx

  7. *dances* Every day is a day closer to this being able to be read and I can't wait! I'm terrible with naming characters so I usually use a random name generator or scroll through a list of baby names. Irish names though hmm... my family is Irish and we've used Philip and Patrick. I also like Chiara's suggestion of Finn.

    1. AAW! Thank you so much for saying that, Alise. It means so much to me and I'm just so excited that *you're* excited! So much excitement. I actually tried a list of baby names from the 1920s for part of this novel, early on, but the same I chose (Edward) just didn't stick, so it got changed this time around and I'm much happier with the name I chose. Ooh, nice. Thanks for the suggestions! I love Finn, too, and Philip... would actually really fit the character! xx

  8. Hey, Romi! Oh my, this sounds sooo good! I'm loving every single thing you're sharing with us! I can't wait for you to start posting it! And yes, I'm still on my hiatus (sadly), but I can't miss these updates, right!?

    ~L. @ Reading Against Time ♥

    1. Dawww! THANK YOU LILI! That means so much to me. You're terribly sweet! I'm pretty excited to start posting it, but also nervous. The time to begin is nearing and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'll be doing it anyway.
      AH! Thank you so much! Coming off your hiatus just to read these? That means the world to me. xx


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