Saturday, June 4, 2016

A source of inspiraton: shifting boughs.

On one side of my room, there is a dresser.

On the other, six windows.

If I look to the left or to the right, I see one thing that has remained- grown- in inspiration, ever since I was little.


They shift in the breeze, fragile and utterly distracting, and their movement, their closeness, it never ceases to amaze or mystify me.

Trees play an occasionally massive role in my writing. With each novel I've written, there will be a forest, a cluster, trees both good and bad (I like to question more than just the role of villains and heroes, you know; what, I ask you, about the villainous trees?), dead and alive, in the shadows and with the sun shining over their boughs and making everyone take note.

I don't think  know of a novel I've written where at least two scenes didn't play out in the presence of trees, and I simultaneously wonder why that is, why they captivate me so, and hope it never changes. The scenes I set in forests- in, above, below, or around trees- those are some of the most magical for me to write, and are definitely some of my favourites to read.

Maybe trees such a big part of who I am, of how I think and feel and want, that they can't help but find their way into my stories. Maybe they have entranced me for too many years to ignore, and maybe one day I'll write a short story or novel all about a tree and it won't even begin to quench me.

All I know is, they are possibly my greatest form of inspiration. And I never want that to stop.

What was the last thing that inspired you?


  1. Oh, look! I don't think I have EVER been the first person to comment on a post of yours *struts around playing trumpet*

    I loved this <3 Partly because I feel the same way. I write at the table, and there are trees visible from almost everywhere I look. And I realised that as you wrote about trees being in your novels, that they are in mine, as well. Possibly because my house is surrounded by them, and my schools were abound with them, and thus pretty much everything important in my life has occurred nearby a tree.

    We are twinning with the tree loving. Tis glorious <3

    1. Sure you have. Probably. I think it's happened, Chiara, but you keep on playing that trumpet. I will watch you and laugh my socks off.

      Ooh, thank you, sweetie! That means a lot to me, and I'm glad you could feel the same thing within yourself (I'm sure there's a more accurate word for what I'm trying to say here? But I can't remember it?) And that's so interesting and beautiful! I love that we have to actively take note to realise how much they mean to me. I mean, I look around and see them and am like "such beauty! Abounds! How lovely!" but it just takes a little more to really realise how much it sinks into my work and mind and all. Which is nice, because when you do realise it's just sighworthy and nice. Nice is a word I'm using a lot here *laughs*

      We are! It's absolutely lovely. We should start a tree lovers club. xx

  2. I am so glad to know you are able to feel so inspired by trees. Sometimes there's something that will never fail to pull us in, but we can't particularly place why it is like that. I know my family and the support they give me inspires me each and every day, so there is always family and that feeling present in my novel. Even orphans have their own sense of family too <3

    1. It's really nice, to think of the things that inspire you and inspire your writing, and I'm glad we've both got things that are steadfast and inspirational in our lives/for our work.
      Thanks! xx

  3. Well written! I really like trees, at the house I live now I can actually see trees form my window and it always gives me a sense of peace and comfort to see them. And I love books that take place in forests or other nature settings.

    1. Thanks, Lola! Yes! I've grown up having trees a big part of my life, them filling my garden since I was very small, and it's beautiful to look around and know how much they've given me and how much inspiration I've taken from something so present you could almost stop noticing it.

      Books set in forests or with nature as an important element are really enjoyable for me, too. There's just something wonderful about that element. xx


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