About Moi.

This is me. 
You shall never see any part of my face. In this I am like Lemony Snicket. Only I won't ever show you my face and it's pretty easy to find his with the internetz and all.

I am a girl*.
Called Romi.
I write.
I read.
I am good at da grammar.
I only ever wear dutch pants.
My spelling is impeccable.
I am sixteen. Or eighteen. Perhaps I did not update that for two years. Maybe I'm even nineteen now. WHO EVEN KNOWS.
I write this blog.
I have a favourite book and it is not the same one that my all time favourite couple features in.
I also have a favourite book, that is not even a work of fiction.

*Some of these statements are blatant lies.

One day I shall own a retired racing greyhound and another dog, maybe a staffy, as well as a rabbit and a cat. We will be very happy.

I also hope to break hearts with my words one day. Watch out.